Day Three Marathon! 10K words, 10K steps. 

As has happened with other marathons, today, Wednesday, was the hardest day so far. I’m more tired, even though I slept pretty well last night. I find I’m misspelling words—more than usual—and falling into my habit of spelling thing backwards. Door become Rood, was becomes saw, etc.

This morning, it was harder to start going. Writer brain wasn’t happy about being engaged again. That only lasted for a short while, and I fell into the groove fairly soon, doing 1500 words per hour, following the schedule that I’ve set for this marathon.

If this marathon follows the usual pattern, Thursday and Friday will actually be easier than today. I’ll be more tired, but the words will come quickly and easily, and the walking won’t be too bad. Even in this horrible heat.

At least I have some good snacks. I made myself kale chips and chocolate chia seed pudding. Now, while I know some people might turn their noses up at kale, my kale chips are the gateway drug. People who hate kale love my kale chips. I made the chia seed pudding using coconut cream instead of merely coconut milk. May have to do that next time as well, because it makes the pudding extra creamy.

The story is moving along nicely. I figure at this point that it’ll be about 58K in total. So at 30K, I’m just past the halfway point.

The story itself is actually shorter than 58K. It will be resolved in as little as 20K more words. However, there need to be a few epilogues afterward, to bring everything to full closure. So 58K feels right at this point.

I reserve the right to change my mind.

I’ll crash early again tonight, my brain turning to mush in another hour or so. Then up and at it again in the morning.

Wish me luck!