It’s close enough to the midyear for me to be able to do a review in terms of writing, right?

Though to be honest, the main reason I’m doing this is to give myself credit for the writing work that I’ve done. I’m really good at encouraging others when it comes to their writing. However, I never think that I’m doing enough. So in part, this midyear review is my attempt to say, “Yay! Go me!” and to feel good about what I’ve done this year. Because 2022 hasn’t been a great year in terms of life and stuff.

Despite 2022 being a shithole, I’m actually doing good.

In terms of word count, I’ve done 233K for the year so far. The actual midyear happens in a couple of weeks, and I hope that I’m closer to 250K by that point. That would mean I’m on track for writing 500K for the year, which, YAY!

And I’ve done all that without a writing marathon, and I do have at least one, possibly two of those scheduled for later in the year.

In terms of projects, I’ve finished the following:

– Three novels

– Seven short stories

– One non-fiction book

– Numerous blog posts, essays, Patreon posts, and newsletters.

I’m happy with all that I’ve done.

Okay, so I might have had some issues and some things to process once I looked at these numbers, but honestly, I am pleased. And I should be happy with that amount, particularly given this year.

What’s next for me? I just finished the third novel. I’m planning on writing 2-3 short stories a week now for the next few weeks. I have six short stories that are due in the relative near future. One additional one that I may have to write, to help out someone who has a hole in their anthology that needs to be filled.

At some point, I will get back to the epic fantasy, and I still plan on doing a marathon to write that. I know I’ve been saying that for a while, now. But my health is finally up for it. Hopefully, there won’t be any major life rolls such that I can make this actually happen.

While I have a number of smaller construction projects to do this summer, I don’t have any major ones that are going to eat my brain and my time, not like last year. So I anticipate being able to maintain this pace, and perhaps make my word count for the year.

And who knows? Maybe next year I can go crazy and actually consider writing more. Weirder things have happened.