Received my second booster late Sunday afternoon. I’d been Team Moderna, and switched it up for this last round with Pfizer.

Didn’t have much reaction on Sunday, or for most of Monday. Mainly my right arm was sore and my lymph nodes were starting to react.

Monday evening I realized that my arm was *really* sore. Every time I rolled over to that side to sleep I’d wake up because of the pain in my arm. Tuesday wasn’t much better. Couldn’t stretch my arm up above my head without it hurting. All the lymph nodes under that arm were sore, my neck was sore, and many of the joints on that side of my body hurt.

Tuesday evening, I saw that I have a bright red patch around the injection site. The area is solid. It feels as though there’s this big bump under the skin, though it isn’t swollen. It’s less red this morning, though still as sore.

Also this morning, I’m tired and not thinking great. It’s very disappointing. I had six good days in a row. I’ve been compliant in regards to my diet, when I tested this morning it showed that I’m in ketosis, and I slept really well last night, too. I’m blaming the shot for my lethargy and lack of focus.

Fortunately, I have essays that I need to write. I can at least manage some non-fiction today. Fiction is out of the question at this point.

Maybe tomorrow.

And that is, I guess, the lesson I’ve learned over the years. To ask what can I do, instead of focusing on what I can’t do today.

I maintain hope. Having almost an entire week of good days and getting a lot of fiction accomplished helped booster that hope.

What about you? What hope are you maintaining?