Improving Your Craft Now Available!

Writers often talk about writing books of the heart. I write a lot of those, books that I genuinely love, that I always look forward to writing every day.

This was one of them, even though it was a non-fiction book. The working title for this book was, “My Writing Journey.” Because that’s really what this book describes—how I went from being a more beginning writer to being a more advanced one. I wasn’t born with all the knowledge of craft that I currently have. I had to learn it.

And the good news is that you can as well.

I don’t consider this a how-to book, so much as a “here are some signposts along the way that may apply to your writing journey.” My goal, as always, is to help writers with their path, their chosen way.

There are many paths to the mountain. All I’ve done was give you more details about mine.

Improving Your Craft for the Professional Writer

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