Last week was a rocky week. I would have one good day, followed by one bad day. I’m not sure I had two good days in a row. I am hoping that starting this week, I will have more good days in a row.

Despite this I still wrote over 10,000 words last week. I am pleased with that. Particularly since most of those words were on the new novel.

I am having so much fun with the new novel. I know this is the novel where I am tying all the threads. At the same time, there are new worlds and people to have fun with. I am hoping to finish this novel by mid April. Then I can go to the next novel.

I average 6000 steps per day last week. I’m actually surprised by that. I thought it would be closer to 5.5. But I’ll take it. We will see how I do this week.

Officially, I am overweight again. Sigh. I will start tracking my food again today.

I have a white board where I track what I’m going to do for the week. The top of the board right now reads writing. A line under that reads, “What are you eating today?” I figure the daily reminder will help.

I did get through my email every day. Having that as a checklist item on my whiteboard. I will that again this week.

However, I am also aware that I still own people email. I will get to that this week. I have to.

As for my hands, I did really well last week. A couple weeks ago, I felt as though I was finally over the flare up that I have been having. I had a few days of practically no pain. Then the pain came back.

What I have learned is that even when I don’t have pain, I should be wearing my braces. As of now, I am out of pain again. This is lovely. I really am enjoying this. I am still wearing my braces. I figure I will wear my braces until the end of April. At that point, we’ll see where I am with the pain.

Though my business taxes are finished, I still have work to do on my personal taxes. That is what I will be doing today. Along with answering people’s emails.

I think that’s it for me today. I slept merely okay last night. I need some caffeine before I can switch to the writing.

How do you handle the meh days? Today is not a bad day. It is not a good day. Today is a day where I do what I can. Caffeine will help.

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