On Monday, I reached my 1000 day mark of speaking Hungarian every day on Duolingo.


I wrote about speaking Hungarian every day for a year a while ago. (https://medium.com/@leah_97352/i-spoke-a-foreign-language-every-day-for-a-year-1055232b3ca3) I don’t really have much to add to that.

Speaking Hungarian and doing my lessons is such a built-in habit right now. I do it automatically. Even when my day is messed up, I will figure out when and how to speak Hungarian.

I’ve only missed four days total. Two from early on, then two last fall. One during the construction, when I’d been working for 12 hours straight and I had nothing left, and then the day of my knee surgery.

Though I frequently surprise myself with how much Hungarian I do know, I am also well aware that I am far from fluent. I don’t produce the language enough.

In celebration of 1000 days, I made Rakott Tészta, which is translates roughly into layered noodles. It’s a Hungarian dessert, made from sour cream, cottage cheese, eggs, butter, sugar, raisins, and egg noodles. It isn’t very sweet. It was absolutely delicious though. The taste of it brought back so many memories of Hungary.

The other thing I’d considered making was langos. However, langos is street food. It wasn’t something you made at home.

In probably less than a year’s time, I will finish all the lessons for Hungarian that are offered on Duolingo. I’m figuring either the end of the year, or just after the start of the new year. We’re planning a “level monster” party at that point, and inviting people over. I’ll make other Hungarian food to share.

After that, well, chances are I’m possibly finished learning Hungarian. There really isn’t anyone around here that I can speak it with. It’s been fun, and I’ve loved learning.

That doesn’t mean I’m finished with new languages, though.

After Hungarian, I’m planning on learning Spanish. That will take more time, as there are *many* more Spanish lessons on Duolingo than there are Hungarian lessons. Plus, Spanish has all these cool add-ons, like stories. There will be more people who I can speak Spanish with. And there’s a chance that my husband may join me on that journey as well.

I’m still celebrating this win.

In other news – it’s spring! We may, possibly, kinda-sorta gone crazy in terms of the number of hydroponic plants that I currently have on the table. I believe there are over 54 plants at this time.

Yet, I’m planning on adding more. We’re putting in a bigger table this weekend. And more lights. I keep telling myself this is in preparation for turning TH1 into a greenhouse. Which it kind of is. It’s going to be awesome.

What kind of accomplishments do you have for this week?