I’ve been too sick this past weekend to make this an accountability post. So I figured I’d just do a quick checkin instead.

Two weeks ago or so, I woke up on a Saturday morning and the left side of my face, right around my eye, was slightly swollen and tender to the touch. Didn’t really think much of it.

That Monday, I learned that three of the four people who would pass away that week had gone. My period also started. My face was still tender but honestly, that was the least of my problems.

The following Monday, I was starting to regain something approaching equilibrium, when my period struck again. Really hard this time, with massive headaches. Didn’t have a migraine, but it was as close to a migraine as I get these days.

It wasn’t until Wednesday night that the headaches eased. Because the rest of my head wasn’t hurting so much, I finally realized just how bad the side of my face had gotten.

Thursday I started to get pretty sick. I was able to do my Patreon blog, but by the time I finished, I was out of words. Went to urgent care, and discovered that not only did I have a sinus infection, I was running a fever.

I rarely get fevers. That surprised me. I think it was an indication that I was pretty sick.

Started taking antibiotics Thursday. Friday and Saturday are kind of a blur. I took naps, played games on my phone, watched a few shows on my computer. That was about it.

I managed to write a little on Sunday, but words were really hard. I spelled them backwards and got them out of order. It was just a non-fiction piece, an essay, so it will be pretty easy to go back over it again and make sure that it works and makes sense.

Today, I’m writing this blog and a newsletter. I’m not capable of fiction yet. Maybe tomorrow.

I had hopes that I’d be able to finish the novel I’m currently working on by the end of the month. That’s probably not going to happen. *sigh*

We got snow last night. Not a lot. And under the trees it’s still green. Just wasn’t thrilled to wake up to see it covering everything.

And I think that’s it for me. Doing what I can without pushing too hard. There will be another nap in my future. The only time I’m capable of napping is when I’m sick. Otherwise, they don’t work for me. I don’t sleep, merely rest, and often when I get up, am even more groggy than I had been.

What about you? Do you nap? Love them? Hate them?

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