This really isn’t so much an accountability blog as it is just a check-in. Last week was pretty rough personally. Blaze and I are fine. Friends and family, not so much. Therefore, I prioritized my own self-care above any sort of goal.

Despite that, I still wrote over 13,000 words last week. The only thing I attribute that to is the power of the novel I’m currently writing. It brings me such joy.

Even though I wasn’t focused on walking last week, I still averaged about 6400 steps per day. I’m pleased with that. I’m supposed to be doing about 7500 steps every day. However, this week has already started rough. I will get in the steps and the words as I can.

In knee news, I was able to do a stretch I haven’t been able to do since I hurt my knee back in November 2020. Standing on one leg, grab the ankle of the other leg from behind. I believe it’s called a hurdler’s stretch. This morning I was able to do that with the knee that is still healing. I find this rather exciting.

Not much else is going on this week. Because last week was so rough, I didn’t finish the taxes. I have to do those this week. They’re due on the 15th.

The only good thing that’s going on right now is that spring has started. Buds are coming out on many of the plants. I always find this time of year very excited. I will spend a lot more time in the yard, walking around and seeing which plants are starting to wake up. For example, most of the flowering plants have already woken up. This includes cherries, the lilacs, and the flowering Crabtree.

However, the quince is still asleep. No buds on that. The blueberries have not woken up either. I would have expected them to have already started budding. The grapes haven’t woken up yet either, but we don’t expect them to wake up for some time.

I recently added a grow light above the plants in TH2. So while the roses outside are just starting to have little buds, the roses inside are blooming.

Many years ago, a friend of mine gave me a chocolate orchid. Generally, it blooms every year at this time. I repotted it last fall. That was a mistake, I should have done it earlier. Orchids like to have their roots tightly encased. Because I repotted so late, I don’t have any orchids this year. However the orchid really likes the new light as well. I just. I will probably have really nice orchids next year.

And I guess that it from me. What new things are you noticing here? Is there something new with you, or is something new in your environment?