Accountability Jan 17 2022

I averaged around 7300 steps per day last week, which is honestly what my goal is this week. Last week was I was supposed to average 6900 steps per day.


I took it easy on Sunday, at least in terms of steps, and merely did 6300. Every other day, though, I did a lot more. I’m suspicious that one of the days I didn’t actually walk that much, but my Fitbit recorded me stirring vigorously at the stove as steps.

Even subtracting that, I still walked a lot last week, which I think is good.

I wrote 17K words last week. Again, I wrote more words this last week than I did some months last year. I started and finished two short stories.

I intend to do the same this week, starting and finishing two short stories, even though my focus is going to be more on business than on writing. I will need to finish all my words in the morning, and I’m going to continue to get up at 6 AM.

I used to be able to get up at 7 AM, start writing by 9 AM, and have 3000 words by noon. I can’t do that currently. I need more time to get in those words.

Instead, I get up at 6, start writing by 8, and have 3000 by noon. Until I can start writing more quickly, or need shorter breaks, I’m going to continue to get up earlier than usual so I can get 3000 words per day by noon, Tuesday through Friday. I also write on the weekends, but I don’t have to get up so early, and I may or may not have a word count. I may just be working on a particular short project for a while, like an essay or a chapter in a business book.

Today, Monday, I’m just writing a blog post, then going into the coffee shop to work for the rest of the day. I will be focusing on tax stuff, as well as a few other things, not publishing, not really. That might become my new habit, blog then coffee shop and business for the day. We’ll see.

I did gain weight last week. I think I’m snacking too much, as I’ve also increased my exercise. Just going to pay attention to it this week and see if that’s enough, or if I need to buckle down and actually start counting calories again. My weight came back on so fast. Kind of surprising.

I cleaned out the last of the email inboxes this last week. So while I’m not as clean as I’d like to be, the big part is done. Instead of 300 emails per inbox, I’m down to about 30 per inbox. That’s still 90+ emails that I really need to look at, answer, and do stuff with. It’s a much more manageable amount, though. I’ll continue to tackle those as I get to them.

Last week, I finally went to see a doctor about my left thumb/wrist. It’s been hurting for a while. I also injured it at some point, smacking my hand against a doorway as I was going through.

I have De Quervain’s tenosynovitis, a type of tendonitis, in my thumb. I also have osteoarthritis in my thumb joints as well as my wrist.

*le sigh*

I am wearing a brace much more diligently for the tendonitis. There isn’t much anyone can do for the arthritis. I am seeing a hand specialist next week, and might end up doing some hand PT.

I am also starting that road to dictation. I figure not typing as much would probably help, too. I was pretty grumpy about it at the start, until I reframed it as a pretty big anti-stodgy act. (I try to do new things at least once a month, though it generally averages out to be one new thing a week.)

So what have you been doing that’s new? That’s anti-stodgy?

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