I came down with something on Sunday. Not sure exactly what it was. It was not COVID. My head was a solid block of congestion. My lymph nodes were all swollen. I am better today, though my throat is still raw.

One of the reasons why I am better today is because I took zinc.  (https://amzn.to/3r0rDNe) The zinc I take is magical for me. Instead of becoming a snot-making machine, I have merely had a few sniffles.

Today will be broken up with a lot of breaks. I have enough energy to get up and do one thing, then I need to sit down and rest for a while. I find this very frustrating. However, I know better than to push, not if I want to get well sooner rather than later.

One of the things I wanted to mention is that I’ve started using a CBD lotion. I got this lotion from my pharmacist. 


I’ve been using the same pharmacy since 2006. It is a compounding pharmacy and they do my hormones for me. So I trust them.

(You do realize that CBD products are frequently classified as supplements right? This means that the CBD product you purchased may or may not have any CBD in it. My niece, who is in the business selling these sorts of things, tested over a dozen products that she bought retail. Only half of them contained any CBD oil. If you are going to be using some CBD product, make sure you get it from a reputable source.)

I initially tried using the CBD lotion on my hand with the tendinitis and the arthritis as well as on my knee. The pharmacist recommended that I try it at night because she takes this product as well and found that it made her sleepy. I tried it at night and I didn’t notice it making me very sleepy. However, I tried it the next morning and I felt as though I got rather tired. Since this was right before I got sick, I have no idea whether it was the CBD lotion or something else. I will try it again next week, when I’m better.

So far, the CBD lotion appears to work very well on the arthritis. I have a have a Hebeden node on one of my joints. The CBD lotion has definitely improved that. The CBD lotion appears to also help with the tendinitis.

However, the CBD lotion does fuck all in terms of general pain with my knee. Again, I tried it just before I got sick, so I’m willing to give it another shot at some point. For now, I am sticking with what I’ve been using which is magnesium lotion at night and Aspercream in the mornings.

And that’s about it for me. I need to go take a break. Also, I dictated the majority of this post. Still learning, still had some clean up, but it wasn’t bad.

How is your week going?