It’s been twelve weeks since I had a full knee replacement.

I know, I know. Last week I said it was the last of the knee reports. I’d also planned on having a MUCH different holiday than I did. However, instead of flying to MN to visit family, Blaze and I stayed in WA. The other members of my family stayed put in their homes as well. I was determined to enjoy the holiday that I had, and for the most part, I was successful. We had a lovely Christmas, cooked a lot, watched movies, and generally relaxed.

Now, we have SNOW. Got about eight inches here at the property. *le sigh* Fortunately, when the snow started, I drove the truck down to the bottom of the hill, so if we need to get out and go anywhere, we can. Plus, I’m in TH2. I feel SO MUCH BETTER about being here than I did, in the snow, in TH1. I’m warm and cozy. Life is good.

The birds are SO HAPPY for the feeders. I’ve been bringing the hummingbird feeder inside at night, so that they have unfrozen nectar during the day. I have put out some seed on the front porch of TH2 for the funny towhee that’s been hanging out. (He came up to the door and peered in at one point, as if asking, “Where’s my food?”) The kitty has been *muchly* entertained.

My knee isn’t thrilled with this cold weather, but it’s doing better than I thought it would. In the last week or so, my pain levels have really fallen. That’s been nice.

I feel as though my progress in terms of flexibility has really slowed down this last week, though I did gain additional stretch, and when I straighten my leg I can now push down further with it, get the back of my knee closer to the ground.

This will be the last week when I’m just doing a knee report. I’ll continue to chat about my knee, but I’m going back to my accountability posts. The progress I make with my knee is something I want to track.

I’ll continue to track my weight, though I’m at my goal weight and am just floating a little above and below it at this point. As long as I stay in that range, I’m fine.

I’ll talk about word count in the accountability posts, though I’m still uncertain about my 2022 goals. Right now, I might just say 500K and call it good enough for now.

I’ll talk about exercise. I’d like to get back up to 10K steps a day. My goal was to push to 6K the first week of January. That may or may not be possible, given the snow around here. I mean, it would be possible to do it, but it would be a serious pain in the ass.

This week, I plan on getting through lots of email. That’s part of the cleaning that I intend to do between now and the first of the year. We’re going to clean out the drawer where we keep plastic containers, clearing out the ones we don’t use. Plus the cabinet where we keep all the glass containers. And I need to file paperwork. And file. And file. That will take more than one day. Gotta start getting ready for taxes, though.

And I guess that’s it. This month has really been an exercise in changing your plans and making the best of it. What course corrections have you had to do recently? How did you compensate for those?