Ten weeks ago I had full knee replacement surgery done.

This last week felt like a real turning point for me. The swelling noticeably went down another notch. As did my pain levels. While my knee is still sore to the touch, when I stretch it, it’s a lot less painful. More stretchy kind of feeling.

So even though last week wasn’t the greatest and I ended up taking prescription pain meds quite a few days, overall it was still better.

I’m also mostly recovered from the booster shot I got on Thursday. I have a little bit of injection site soreness and my lymph nodes on that side are slightly swollen. Not very much, though.

This week should be a better week. I am only planning on doing one painful thing (massage on Wednesday) so hopefully I’ll only end up taking one prescription strength pain pill.

One of the things that I’ve now been able to correlate is my writing with the pain meds. After a hard day last week, like one of the two times that I ended up driving for two hours, I would take a prescription pain pill just before going to bed.

The next morning, even if I slept well, I found it a *lot* harder to write. On the other mornings, it was easier, as long as I’d had enough sleep.

So I feel better about my writing ability coming back all the way. I’m figuring that it’ll probably be January before I stop the prescription pain meds. But my hope is that I really won’t need them at that point.

I haven’t done much planning on what I’m going to be writing (or publishing!) in 2022. I have told myself that I needed to wait until I had at least one full good week before I started looking ahead that way. This had taken a lot of the pressure off me and I feel better for it. Chances are, I’m going to do a lot of my planning come January, which is LATE, but better than not doing it at all and always feeling lost.

Due to the booster, I didn’t eat much for a day or so. That showed up in my weight, which dropped down. We’ll see what this week brings. I’m not too bothered by it or really trying to do much about it until after the new year.

I averaged 5K steps per days, which was pretty good considering that the day after I got the booster I barely walked 1000 steps.

I wrote 6000 words last week, so given the one day off with the booster, that leaves me with 1000 words per day average. I’ll take it.

This week – there may, there may not be holiday cards. That may wait until next week. So many other things to do though! Taxes to start preparing. Reports to gather. Books to publish. Etc.

What are you looking forward to this week? What items are getting checked off your list?