Got my booster on Thursday, about 4:30 PM. That evening, had rolling waves of exhaustion. I’d be fine one minutes, barely able to keep my eyes open the next, then fifteen to thirty minutes later, fine again. Had some injection site soreness as well.

The weird thing was how sore the injured parts of my body got. My knee hurt in areas that it hadn’t before. In addition, had a nice flareup of nerve pain that night. (Yay? At least I know I’m healing and the nerves are reconnecting?) And my hurt wrist ached as well.

Friday woke up with a massive headache. Ouch. I also had very little brain. Some. Not enough to write. But I could do crossword puzzles on my phone, so there was something there.

Got progressively worse throughout the day. Eventually had aches, fever and chills. About 3 PM had some pretty bad nausea hit. Eventually took a nap and when I woke up, was so much better. Continued to get better throughout the evening, though I went to bed pretty early. Didn’t really sleep, couldn’t get my temperature regulated, was too hot then too cold. The headache thought about becoming a migraine – moved over to the left side of my face only for about thirty minutes. Then it lifted.

This morning, I’m fine. Injection site soreness, and the lymph nodes on that side are pretty swollen and sore too. I’m tired, but that’s from lack of sleep. I see a nap in my future.

However, woke up this morning to no power. Rainy, cold, dark, and just nasty outside.

We started a fire in the fireplace to help keep up the heat. Power company sent email saying that they figured we’d have power again by 1 PM.

Blaze had a breakfast date with a friend, so I took myself to a different place for breakfast – The Original Pancake House in Maple Valley. Didn’t eat much of anything the day before, so I was starving.

As I was walking to my table, I mentioned to the waitress that I had no power that morning so had come in for breakfast. And coffee. I don’t know who heard me say that. But someone bought my breakfast for me. That meant the world to me and I got all emotional because I’m so tired and still recovering.

So I passed it forward, and I bought breakfast for another person who was having breakfast alone. The waitstaff thought that was so kind and sweet. I don’t think of it that way. I think of it as the thing that you do. Whenever I’m in line like at a Starbucks, and the person in front of me pays for my order, I always pay for the person’s order behind me. Because that’s what you do. You always pay that stuff forward, or back, or what have you. And sometimes I’ll just start it, and will pay for the person’s order behind me.

Whoever did that for me this morning – I truly thank you. It meant the world to me to have that little bit of extra kindness today.

Have you done anything special for a random stranger recently?