I completely forgot to write yesterday.

I was planning on it. Woke up feeling pretty rough yesterday morning. Had some caffeine. Hadn’t realized my hormones were whacked as that put me right back to sleep. Except then the nerve pain in my knee woke me up, making it impossible to rest or concentrate.

Went and did things in the afternoon. Actually went to a coffee shop for the first time in FOREVER to use someone else’s internet and update machines. It was difficult at first, to be some place out in public, all the stimulation of that. I felt very vulnerable for a while. But I persevered and got over my feral nature and stayed. Went to the grocery store as well before coming back home.

Took extra pain medication with dinner, as I’d done A LOT that day. Before, while the extra pain medication would have slowed me down, it wouldn’t have stoned me out. For the first time, again, probably because my hormones were whacked all day, I was completely loopy and unstable on my feet.

Went to bed and slept until 3 AM. That was nice. It wasn’t until about 4:30 (yes, I was still awake) that I finally realized I’d missed writing for the day.

My streak was blown.

On the one hand, I’m slightly disappointed in myself that even with three streak-freeze amulets, I wasn’t able to maintain a writing streak for a year or longer.

Honestly though? There’s a part of me that’s pretty relieved right now.

As I said earlier this week – that streak brought me to the chair and had me writing on days when I didn’t think I could, when I had nothing. There were also days that I wrote, but because I didn’t have a word count goal, I felt as though I was being lazy by only caring that there were words, and I didn’t push to get very many of them.

Moving forward, I’ve decided to take the month of November off, and not try to maintain a writing streak. I really need to get off the pain medication and get my brain back before I make a commitment to writing every day.

That doesn’t mean I won’t write a lot. Might even write every day in November. But the pressure is off, and right now, I need that.

December 1st, I turn 60. Plan is to turn that into the start of my next writing streak.

As I said before, if I could maintain a writing streak through most of this last year while I was insanely busy, I figure from here on out it should be a lot easier. And I’ll be able to handle it when I do get stupidly busy again, like next summer.

It’s a beautiful cool, crisp sunny day here. I need to go feed the birds and walk some. I am slowly getting better. My focus needs to remain on healing for now. December will be a good enough time to start really writing again.