It should surprise exactly no one that my hormones haven’t been completely balanced the last week or so, between major surgery, massive drugs, lots of stress, etc. I’d had the odd headache off and on, nothing too bad, but a little worrisome.

Then yesterday, we drove into Seattle for the first post-op doctor’s visit. That would have been fine, but we drove the truck. The front passenger seat was at exactly the wrong angle in terms of me being able to bend my knee or support it comfortably. And while the truck isn’t a rough ride, nothing’s 100% smooth.

The combination of all of that plus everything else and I had a migraine come barreling down the pike, colliding with me at high speed.

It was…not good.

The Dr visit was fine, though my temperature fluctuated madly and I felt faint a couple of times. I’m still good enough to fake it so I didn’t come off as a complete flake. He prescribed more of the oxycodone for me, which was really, really good. I don’t like how it makes my brain feel, but I need to be out of pain again.

He removed the bandage. It’s not the prettiest sight. Still, once the bruising etc. all goes away, I’m going to have a single scar running down the front of my knee. It won’t even be too noticeable.

Then it was a seventy minute journey home. I was in bad shape by the time we got there.

Last night was rough. I don’t think I needed another reminder of how stubborn I can be, pushing through shit when necessary, but I got reminded of that anyway as I did my Hungarian even though I kept having to take breaks because I couldn’t see straight.

One thing that is good to know – the knee pain pales significantly when compared to the migraine pain. I remember laying there at some point last night thinking about how the knee pain was a minor annoyance compared to the all encompassing migraine pain. The knee pain might have occasionally crested at a 5 or 6 on a scale of 1-10, while the migraine pain held at a steady 8 for almost the entire time. It was the kind of pain that had it lasted longer would have eventually sent me to the ER.

Luckily, it didn’t last too long – only about 15 hours. Today, I’m drained. I got nothing left. I actually cancelled PT because I need to take today and heal. Pushing would be stupid.

It had been 314 days since my last migraine, so a little over ten months. I’m quite pleased that I’ve been migraine free for that long of an interval, while at the same time, horrified that I used to go through this sort of migraine pain on a regular (weekly!) basis.

But today I have a kitty and purrs, good pain meds and ice for my knee, and nothing and no where to be today.

Also – I’d like to nominate my husband for supportive spouse of the year. He’s been so awesome through all of this. Truly terrific. I’m so lucky to have him by my side through all of this.

So that’s my Friday – nothing much planned, not moving very far past the couch. What excitement do you have going on?