It has been A DAY. I would like for the rest of the month to be better, mkay?

In knee-news, my surgeon’s office has STILL not submitted the paperwork necessary to get my insurance to approve my surgery. My care manager has been calling and not getting any response. I’ve been calling and not getting any response. This is coming down to the wire, folks. I will cancel the surgery if my insurance isn’t approved beforehand.

Is the information that my insurance company is asking for absolutely ridiculous? Yes. However, my surgeon still needs to provide it. And since they haven’t done so yet, it may be too late. We’ll see what happens next week. (Surgery is supposed to occur on October 4th, a week from Monday.)

The construction has been a slowing down, which I appreciate. However, yesterday was evidentially my day for buying the wrong sizes of things. I need to return a total of four different items to two different stores because they’re all the wrong size.

Which meant that today, I got very little accomplished. I did a few things. But it felt as though every time I started a new task, I’d be stymied and couldn’t finish because I didn’t have the item at hand that I needed.

I couldn’t just run to the store either to exchange things. The plumber was supposed to be here today and never showed up. Didn’t learn until far too late that my GC knew that the plumber wasn’t going to show up, but he then forgot to relay that information to me.

*le sigh*

Then, to top everything off, and to add injury to insult, I managed to slam a good-sized splinter down under my thumbnail. I cannot access any part of the splinter above the nail bed. It’s imbedded pretty far down there. My only hope is that it doesn’t become infected and I can just live with it. Otherwise, I’m heading to the doctor (or to urgent care) to get it removed on Monday.

I had hoped that perhaps I’d be able to finish most everything over the weekend. Nope. Not going to happen. But it all needs to be finished by early next week, particularly if I do end up having surgery a week from Monday…

This is not how I wanted this time to go. I wanted everything to be done by now. Maybe, just maybe, everything will turn out all right anyway.

Grumble. Grumble. Grumble.

But I’ve had a nice dinner, and some gin, and I have a purring kitty in my lap. Life isn’t all bad.

I’m sorry I couldn’t make Rustycon this weekend. I am supposedly self-isolating for the two weeks before my surgery, and going to a con just seemed to be pushing that a little hard, even if everyone supposedly has had their shots.

Anyway. That’s been my day. How has your day been?