The answer, at least for us, would be a, “no.”

No, she shits in my front yard after knocking down my bird feeders, tearing through my garbage, and spreading the compost all around.

*le sigh*

Fortunately, it wasn’t that bad to clean up this morning. Blaze and I throw very little of what could be considered “food” away. Almost everything goes into the composter, which has been doing its job. There wasn’t much edible in that either.

The thing that we do throw away are the bones I use for making bone broth.

The garbage she left spread out all over the front yard.

The bones got dragged under the trees, where it’s more protected, so she could have a proper feast. The beef and pork bones were possibly too big. But all the chicken bones were scarfed up.

This sort of occurrence isn’t frequent. We figure she’s getting ready for winter. It was obvious that the bear had visited other houses, as the scat was full of millet and other bird seed (which I don’t feed my birds with).

Don’t know if the bear will return. It’s fall, and so it’s kind of the time of year for them to show up. We didn’t have bears for the first few years I lived here, so I’m not sure what’s changed the last couple of years that they’ve come scavenging here. Probably more development, and they’ve lost more habitat.

ION, planning for the surgery goes apace! So many things to accomplish this week. I may actually get to my email today! Not making any promises, but still. Stranger things have happened.

If I don’t get to it today, I will get to it tomorrow. In fact, am planning on spending all afternoon tomorrow on the computer. I honestly don’t remember the last time I did that. Possibly it’s been a month or so.

Construction is nearly finished. There are just a few little things left to do. Most of those need to get done this week.

I’m still writing on the story I started. It’s lovely sitting down in the evening and banging out a few words. I’m going very slowly, and that’s okay. Don’t really care if the story works or not. I’m exercising my fiction brain, and that makes me so very, very happy right now.

Though I’m a little anxious about the surgery, I’m feeling very contented right now. It’s fall and I’m nesting.

How are you doing? What’s your primary emotion?