Accountability Sep 20

Accountability Sept 20

Weight is kind of in a holding pattern. I honestly can’t focus on it right now. I have too many other things going on.

I’ve been walking…a lot. Averaged over 10K steps per day last week. But last week I was also insanely busy. Today I was very busy. Hoping to take more time off tomorrow, not do so much, rest and recover a bit more.

Word count is hard to tell. I never count the words for a Medium article until I actually post it. I’ve been writing ahead this last week. So I have 4 articles written for the next few weeks, which is a good thing. So writing every day, just not counting those words yet.

I’ve missed a few days on email. I’m barely staying afloat. I keep thinking I’m going to have some down time in which to delve into my email. Might not happen until after the October surgery, at this point…

And because this is an accountability blog, I figured I’d fess up to working too hard, to the point that I’ve reinjured my neck/shoulder. This means my hands are falling asleep regularly. No advice please. I’ve been here before, and am already working with my people on getting it fixed again.

Not working so damned hard and doing so much would help. I’m hoping my surgery is still on, so that I can take that time off…

And I guess that’s it for me. This is kind of just a proof-of-life blog. I know I owe people things. Maybe tomorrow, when I don’t have as much on my plate…We’ll see.

At least I’m generally sleeping well. (^_^)

My husband always calls me the most stubborn person he knows. I’ve been leaning into that stubbornness lately, in order to push and to get me through things. When’s a time when you’ve had to be “stubborn” as it were to get something done? To do something?

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