My weight continues to go down. This is a good thing. As I suspected, last week the scale didn’t show any weight loss, saving it all up for this week.

If I can keep this up, one or two pounds per week, I’ll be at my goal weight by the end of the month. Hopefully that will be perfect timing in terms of the surgery, but we’ll see. I will be making phone calls today to people to start the appeal process. (Which I keep calling the WTF process in my head.)

I’m still barely treading water in terms of email. Maybe there will be a couple of days this week when I can catch up some. We’ll see.

I walked a lot last week, averaging over 10K steps per day. Some of that was actual walking, as we were camping, and having to walk to the bathroom on a regular basis made for a lot of steps. Some of it wasn’t. This weekend I was painting a lot of walls. Some of those “steps” were me just moving a brush up and down. I try to move the Fitbit to my pocket, or to my non-dominant hand before I start in on that sort of activity, but I don’t always remember.

As for writing, I crested 5000 words this week. I’m actually really pleased with that. Plus I wrote every day, maintaining my streak since December 15th of 2020.

At the start of the year, when I was figuring my annual word count, I said that during these months, when I had so much activity going on, that I would only have to write 500 words per day.

Current me is really thanking past me for that decision. It puts the exact right amount of pressure on me to maintain my streak, while making it doable given the amount of words.

One of the joys I’ve discovered writing such small chunks is that I’m generally surprised when I reach my goal. I could write more. I often do. But on days like today, when my time is severely limited, the 500 word limit means I get to enjoy my words, and not stress about it.

Sit down, get it done, then move on.

And speaking of such…it’s time for me to get to the fiction.

What have you been doing (or not been doing) consistently? What has brought you joy about it?

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