Knee Update – Surgeon Version

While I was doing the unplanned writing marathon, I also had doctor’s appointments. So I got to talk with the “joint guy” who’s actually going to do the surgery.

There appears to be a bit of luck on my side. The surgeon has injured one of his hands. He isn’t doing any surgeries this summer. Me not wanting to have surgery until October works really well for him. He’ll start operating again at the end of September. I won’t be his first patient, and he should be fully recovered by then.

My surgery is scheduled for October 4th. I’m nervous about this. A little anxious. Also kind of excited to get my knee fixed.

Between now and then, the surgeon wants me to work on strengthening the muscles around the knee, as well as working on flexibility. I have to keep stretching. He doesn’t want me to increase the number of steps I’m doing. 5-7K is fine. Ice the knee and heat it as I need to.

He took X-rays of both knees. The left one has some degradation in it. It isn’t pristine. However, it isn’t anywhere near as bad a shape as the right.

That being said, he did say that I could wait and push the surgery out if I wanted. However, as my insurance is paying for everything this year, let’s do it this year. Who knows how much my insurance would cover next year?

Part of the reason why he thought I could push it out is because of how well I’m still walking. I see a sport-massage therapist every week. Suzie keeps me mobile. Without her, I’d be in really bad shape. When I go for three weeks without a massage, I’m limping pretty badly.

It’s supposed to be an outpatient surgery. If something goes wrong, they will keep me at the hospital overnight. According to my care specialist, the one assigned to me by the insurance agency, about 40% do end up over-nighting. I’m healthy and in good shape, and am going to be in even better shape by the time of the surgery, so I’m not worried. But if it happens, it happens.

According to the surgeon, there’s no limit on the replacement joint in terms of bending. In theory, I should be able to achieve full range of motion. According to him, a lot of people don’t. They don’t work hard enough at it.

Fuck that noise. Have you met me? I will regain full range of motion. It may take time. It will take work. I will do what it takes to regain it. I’m tired as hell of not being able to fully bend my knee.

I will need to attend a lecture about getting my knee replaced (hopefully they’ll have a virtual option and I can just call in). My primary care physician as well as my dentist have to sign off on it.

I’ll need to get a COVID test right before the surgery. Possibly more blood tests as well.

This will be an experience. An adventure! I’ll set off metal detectors everywhere I go. When traveling, I should plan on extra time getting through security.

I expect to use this in a novel sometime…

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