I still weigh too much. I’m at the beginning phases of worrying about it. First I need to get back into heavy ketosis. Then I’ll start worrying about calories.

I did email every day this week, merely staying on top of things, not getting ahead.

I wrote every day last week. I take that as a win. It wasn’t many words. Maybe 3500 for the week, averaging 500 per day. This is all I’m asking for at this time, as construction started last Monday and is so distracting.

99% of the time, when I ask myself, “Would I be better off writing than doing X activity?” The answer always comes back, “Yes, you would be better off writing.” The abbreviation is WIBBOW, and I judge many things by the WIBBOW test. Not many pass.

However. Construction this summer is one of those very, very few times when other things are more important than writing. It’s for a short, focused, intense time. Then it will be over and I’ll go back to writing. But this was why I had given myself such a low word count goal for the year. I knew the summer was going to be like this, and I was correct.

I did a lot of walking last week. I averaged almost 6K steps per day. Might be why my knee is so sore this week.

I had the MRI done via my primary care physician. However, that branch cannot do the operation. I need to get all my medical records transferred to a different medical provider in order to move forward.

*le sigh*

I started that process last week. I will check later this morning to see how it’s progressing. This is going to be squeaky wheel time, I’m afraid.

Once the new medical provider has all the records, they will take THREE WEEKS to look them over before calling me for an appointment.

This means that I’m looking at July just for the initial consultation. This might turn out to be fabulous timing, as I wouldn’t be able to have any operation until September at the earliest, due to the construction. So I’m trying to tell myself this is a blessing in disguise, and not be disgusted by how long it’s all taking. I’m impatient because I want to know what’s going on with my knee, if I’m going to be able to fix it, or if I’m going to need to get it replaced.

Over the weekend I ended up with an anxiety attack. These started awhile ago. They are strictly hormonal. There is NOTHING in my life to warrant these. The worst one was in Sept 2018. This latest one, this weekend, was probably the second worse. At least this time I knew what was happening and I had a better idea how to treat it.

But this is part of the reason why I really need to get back into heavy ketosis. A good diet was key to reducing the anxiety the first time. I’m easing back into that this week. I was never eating high carb. I was always low carb. If I was able to walk more, I’d probably be in ketosis. As I can’t get in more steps, not without being in pain, I’m going to have to lower my carbs, find out how low I can go and still feel good.

In the past, I would get grouchy if I didn’t get enough carbs. It was really obvious. Lately, though, I’ve noticed that I can eat fewer carbs and still be okay.

What are your exciting plans for the week?