Vaccine #2, Day 3

If the day I got the vaccine was day 1 (because I had some symptoms on day 1), yesterday would be day 2, and today would be day 3.

Yesterday, I was exhausted for the entire day. I told Blaze that I had one brain cell in the morning, two midday, maybe six by evening, and a whole ten before I went to bed.

I got the vaccine in my left shoulder. I an earache in my left ear, plus the entire left side of my head was sore to the touch, and slightly swollen.

This morning, I am still tired, but no where near as tired as I was yesterday. I have a lot more brain. Even started thinking about the novel some.

The left side of my face is still slightly sore to the touch, basically from the middle of my scalp down to my shoulder.

Under my shoulder, the lymph nodes under my arm, are incredibly sore. The injection site hurts a little, under my arm and down to my ribs hurts a lot. Fortunately, aspirin and Tylenol seem to help. Plus, I’ve been taking an antihistamine. I figure that isn’t hurting.

It’ll be another gorgeous day outside today. Am happy about that. Spent all day yesterday re-reading books, as I didn’t have the brains to read something new. Today, I can write, do some work around the house, read something of Blaze’s, and then get back to the new novel I was reading.

Next week will be some more prep work for the construction project, which will kind of start in earnest the week after that. I am SO EXCITED about all of that!

Hope that your Sunday is going to calm and restorative, or at the very least, stress free. Got any cool plans for the day?

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