Last week, I saw my primary care physician (PCP), and got an MRI for my knee.

Turns out, I DID tear my meniscus. From the research I’ve done on the internet, this is the sort of tear that will not heal on its own, primarily due to the location of it. I’m not sure exactly what will need to be done for it, however, it appears that surgery is probably my only option. I’m hoping merely arthroscopic. There’s a lot of other damage to my knee as well. The ACL looks normal, but the cartilage, as I already knew, is really bad. Plus all the bone spurs.

It’s kind of nice to have access to the full medical report, as well as the internet, so I can look up the definition of “moderate-sized joint effusion” and other terms.

So instead of writing this morning, I’ve spent the morning looking up knee injury stufffff.

I will admit that I REALLY wish I’d been accurately diagnosed back in January. I possibly could have already had the surgery done by now, and be mostly healed, instead of looking at all the construction ahead of me with a bum knee.

*le sigh*

However, I will also say that when my PCP examined my knee, she just shook her head and said, “This doesn’t seem like a meniscus tear.”

Plus, I figure I’m kind of hard for someone to diagnose. I eat an anti-inflammatory diet. I figure doctors are used to seeing people who would swell up and get a lot more inflamed when they get injured. I don’t.

One of the other things that this means, however, is that I’m going to have to figure out the diet thing without extra exercise or walking. This means focusing on a calorie deficit. I’ll still be keto/paleo, probably with an extra emphasis on fat and protein though.

This is supposedly one of the great advantages to losing weight on keto – that you don’t feel hungry, despite a calorie deficit. I kind of experienced that, but only sort of. I generally get hungry anyway, even after the first few days of hell of adapting to fewer calories.

So I’ll try to do this smart, get lots of fat, and see if I can stave off cravings and hunger. Probably won’t start this weekend, but next week. First of June. Sounds like a plan.