Haven’t really lost or gained weight the last couple of weeks. I’m a little overweight, but I’m not going to do anything about it for a while.

There were a couple of days when I didn’t do email last week. And I didn’t pull ahead at all. Need to get back on that.

Writing went really well last week. Managed 15K words, the most in a single week for quite some time. I also wrote 47K for the month, which is also rather awesome. I feel as though I’m kind of “back” as it were, in terms of the writing.

I averaged 5K steps per day last week. I’m quite pleased with this, given the state of my knee.

The week before, my masseuse pushed, as it were, trying to get my muscles to cooperate. Well, it turns out that my body does NOT respond well to being pushed. Normally, after a massage, I’m sore for a couple of days then I start getting better and better. The other week, I never felt better. I was just sore.

So she was really gentle this last week, and my knee responded well. I feel better again. I keep thinking that there will be a time in the near future when I’ll be mostly well. Not this week, but maybe by the end of May…

As for the writing, I feel more engaged than I was before. As if there had still been some fog between me and my creativity that’s been burned through. I’m really excited again by the writing, the story I’m currently in as well as the next few.

I’ve been writing this entire time, regardless of how I’ve felt. And there have been times when it’s been hard. I’m also stubborn and I kept at it. My husband continued to write during the plague year, and that helped, having someone there who was writing, even when I felt I couldn’t, or like I was trying to move wet cement to get words down on the page.

There’s a tremendous difference between the days when I was just putting words down and when the writing was EASY. The writing became easy again sometime earlier this year, like a couple of months ago. Now, there’s joy again. I really needed to find my joy in all of this. I wasn’t burned out, but I could see that smoke on the horizon. Now, it’s clear sailing all the way along.

I’m not ready to do 3000 words a day again. I did that on Saturday, and there’s a big difference between 2000 and 3000 words. It’s a muscle that I haven’t been using for a year or more. I will get back to it. I have pushed some days and gotten to 2500. Will be a while before I’m ready for 3000 again on a regular basis.

However, this week is also the week when I need to start focusing on the new construction project. I will write every day. It feels ironic that I’ve rediscovered my joy the week before I have to start retraining my focus to be elsewhere.

That’s okay. That’s how life is.

What has been bringing you joy these days?

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