I’m pretty much at the exact same weight I’ve been at, neither up or down. This is a good thing, as I’ve been over eating and not exercising. We’ll see if I can start doing something about it sooner rather than later – will really depend on how next week goes.

I had a bad week, healthy wise. I missed email one day because I just couldn’t concentrate or think. I only got 100 words written that day as well. It was just bad. I didn’t pull forward in email but I honestly didn’t have the ability to even try last week.

I averaged about 4K steps per day. Again, bad health week. I stepped wrong one day, and had sheering pain through my knee for a day and a half as a result. Again, not walking much.

The good news is that my knee recovered pretty quickly after I twisted it, and I didn’t really injure myself badly enough to have to restart the healing process. I have already had a massage this morning (masseuse is going on vacation soon) so we’ll see how this week goes. However, I’m feeling pretty hopeful that my knee and my leg are just going to be getting better and better.

As for the writing, even without being able to focus well I still wrote a lot. 12K words by the end of the week, which is a good thing. I am having so much fun with the current novel. Haven’t quite reached the end of act 2, but will in the next chapter or so. Then comes act 3, and lots of action and fighting. So looking forward to it!

I get my second vaccine shot on Friday. Yay. My hope is that I have very little reaction to the second shot, that I may be a little tired and sore Friday and Saturday, but that next week, I’ll be able to work all week. I just lost a week, and I really don’t want to have to lose a second week. That would kind of suck. I have so much to do this week to try to make up for things…

Fortunately, I do run my own business. There are a couple of deadlines I need to make, but the rest, well, I can change them if I need to.

This weekend I tried to make apple fritters. They were more like pancakes than donuts. Will adjust the recipe and try again. You see, last year, when we had all those apples from our trees, I made apple pie filling, then canned it. I need to use up that filling, and so we figured fritters would be a good start.

I also started three new plants for the hydroponics system. One kale and two lettuces. I’m still getting the hang of when I need to start a new plant to replace one that isn’t dead or gone to seed yet, but is definitely on its last legs.

One of my current kale plants is one of the original plants that I started with in June of last year.
It’s kind of a monster, and it continues to produce leaves for me. I don’t know how long it will last. I figure eventually it will go to seed. I still figured I should start a new plant to replace it now, though. Plus I have a couple of lettuces that are already on their last legs, that need to be replaced.

I continue to enjoy the hydroponics, even though it takes more time as I add more plants. I really love being able to have all of the greens in one of my big-ass salads completely made from things that I’ve grown.

We have three pepper plants that are currently growing like mad. I’ve put them into half-gallon jars. The older two look as though we might be getting flowers on them soon. The younger one may just say, “the hell with it” and flower now as well. It’s very fun.

Are you growing anything this year? Anything in particular that’s growing that you’re taking delight in?

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