TLDR: my egg allergy appears to be over.

Longer version:

My body is weird. Figured I’d just get that out there.

I have some unusual allergies, such as ibuprofen and chamomile.

I have some more common allergies, such as corn and kiwi.

I have had severe allergies appear and then disappear, more than once.

When I was in my 20s, I suddenly developed an anaphylactic reaction to fish of all kinds, not just shellfish.

I had eaten fish all my life. One day, it was fine. The next day, I was having difficulty breathing.

I remember going to a fancier restaurant and having a Caesar salad. Two bites in and my throat is closing. That was the day I learned that the traditional recipe for making a Caesar salad dressing includes anchovies.

That allergy disappeared after a few years. I blamed it on the stress of my life.

Then, in my 30s, I developed an allergy to dairy products. I lost a scary amount of weight in a very short time because I kept eating yogurt in an effort to treat my intestinal distress. For a few years, I ended up taking an OTC product for people who are lactose intolerant.

And yes, that allergy went away as well.

In my 40s, I figure out that I’m allergic to grain. This allergy hasn’t gone away. I am much less sensitive than I used to be. However, too much of any grain and I get stomach issues as well as inflammation. I swell up. The morning after such a meal my fingers have turned into little sausages and there aren’t any wrinkles around my knuckles.

In my 50s, I was having tremendous numbers of migraines. In an effort to try to figure out what was wrong, I eliminated nightshades, dairy, and eggs from my diet for three months. This was back in 2017.

I’ve always been sensitive to nightshades. Eliminating them for three months neither increased or decreased my sensitivity to them. I still get cold sores if I eat too many potatoes, tomatoes, or peppers. I get cold sores immediately if I eat any egg plant.

Dairy still gives me headaches. This hasn’t changed since then. I can eat a little bit of dairy, but too much and I get a headache that lasts for 24 hours.

When I reintroduced eggs, I was quite shocked to learn that eggs give me hives. Starts in my joints, the inside of my elbows, spreads to my wrists, then the back of my knees and down to my ankles.

Not pleasant.

At first, I didn’t know what to make of it. About two weeks after my initial bout with hives, I was accidentally poisoned, eating something I didn’t think had eggs in it. When the hives reappeared, that told me that this wasn’t a one-time reaction.

So for a few years, about every six months or so, I’d accidentally get poisoned and the hives would return. Generally this happened when we went out to eat and there would be eggs hiding in unexpected places.

The last time I was poisoned was December of 2019.

Then 2020 happened. We stopped going out to eat. I stopped getting poisoned.

In March of 2021, I decided to see if I was still allergic to eggs. I soft scrambled an egg in butter and ate it, relishing every bite.

No reaction. Or rather, no hives. I did develop a headache after a couple of hours. But then my period showed up, about thirty minutes later.

So was the headache from the eggs? Or from my cycle?

I’ve tried eggs twice more. I haven’t had any reaction.

So my guess is that at this point, I’m no longer allergic to eggs. This makes my life SO MUCH EASIER. Eggs are an easy protein source. They make being keto a lot easier.

We live in a pretty rural area. There’s more than one stand by the side of the road with eggs for sale.

I won’t go crazy and start having eggs every day. But I am going to start including them in my diet again regularly.

Who knows what sorts of weird allergies I’ll develop when I’m 60!

What’s your weirdest allergy? Or the weirdest one you’ve ever heard of?

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