As I was laying in bed last night, I nearly panicked for a few moments.

You see, yesterday was BUSY. I had my massage at 10:45. I didn’t write before I went. Then there was lunch and publishing/working. In the evening, I did editing as well as reading.

Uhmmmm…where’s the writing?

I missed it!

Luckily, I have the streak-freeze amulet. Three of them, in fact, for the year, that I can use instead of blowing my writing streak. This was a really important concept when I came up with it, and it allowed me to actually sleep last night (and to get a good night’s sleep).

The streak has become very important. Because of that streak, I’ve written on days when I normally would have said, “Eh, no.” This has been great.

On the other hand, I also think that I’m possibly writing fewer words. Instead of pushing myself to write more words on any given day, I sit back and think, “Eh. I’ve written something. It’s good enough.”

Sometimes that more laid back attitude is a good thing. It means that at some level, I’m less stressed about the writing. Yet I have this nagging feeling that I’m not writing as much.


This morning, I realized that I did actually write yesterday. You see, there was a section that I was editing last night that needed to be redone. I tore it out and redrafted. Ended up with a net positive of 135 words.

Those words count, as I don’t have a minimum word count. Just the streak of writing every day. So I’m counting that as writing for the day yesterday. Though I could have used the streak if I needed to. Would rather save that until absolutely necessary, not just a goof like yesterday.

ION, I had thought that I’d messed up my knee. Again. You see, the knot has returned to the back of my knee. It’s still there.

However, my wonderful masseuse didn’t fret over that. She worked the muscles in my thigh instead, which I hadn’t realized I needed. I felt SO MUCH BETTER after her working on me yesterday. I’m pretty sore today, and will be taking it easy.

One of the things I’ve been thinking about lately is how unsymmetrical my body is. My left hand is larger than my right. Same with my feet, my left larger than my right by half a shoe size. So I’ve always figured that my left leg is probably longer than my right (which is one of the reasons why my right hip always has such issues).

After my massage yesterday, I left feeling as though my legs were finally the same length. It was a remarkable feeling.

Today, I’ll be taking aspirin and Tylenol, as well as using my heating pad and sitting, not trying to get in too many steps. But I’m standing more solidly on both of my feet while I’m writing this, and that’s kind of amazing.

Anything amazing happen to you lately?