I gained a little weight this week. Not surprising in the least. I’m not walking enough and I’m eating too much. Plus, I just started taking testosterone, and I know that can also lead to weight gain. I’m going to try to maintain the weight that I have and not gain any more. But I’m not going to be trying to lose weight, not until I can walk better.

I averaged about 5K steps per day last week, which I’ m satisfied with. Of course I’d like to be doing more. But I re-injured my knee, and it’s been really sore.

I barely kept up in terms of email. Even though I had it on my list of things to do. *sigh* I’ll try to make time for it this week, and hopefully can get a little ahead on it.

I wrote close to 12K last week, which makes me really happy. Being an older woman with hormonal issues means that I’ve been battling brain fog in the morning for a while now. I take estrogen and progesterone, I take methyl B12, I eat well, and yet, my brain is still fogged.

This last week, it was so much easier to write in the mornings. I think that the thing that I was missing was the testosterone. Even on days when I didn’t get a lot of sleep, I was still able to write.

Maybe – possibly – I can get back to 3000 words per day. We’ll see.

Re-injuring my knee last week just made everything hard. My masseuse was pretty upset with me at how much worse my knee was when I saw her on Wednesday. She did what she could to get it back into shape. But it meant that Thursday and Friday were pretty bad and I wasn’t able to walk without pain. Saturday was better but not great.

It wasn’t until Sunday that I was mostly out of pain. I was able to touch my knee and not have it hurt. Today, Monday, I’m better still. I’m not pushing, though. I will try the pedal machine today and see how I do.

One of the things that’s really helped has been wearing my brace all the damned time. This ensures that I can’t twist my knee and re-injure it yet again. It also keeps the knee and the muscles warm, which appears to be a good thing. Fingers crossed by the end of the week I’ll be back to where I was.

I tried a few new recipes this weekend. I made Keto Cloud Bread, which is basically whipped eggs with something, I made them with yogurt. Eh. I prefer chaffles. I also made some cauliflower tortillas. I made them too thin, so they’re really fragile. I’ll try them again, make them thicker next time. But I’m spatchcocking a chicken tonight, and the tortillas means I can have chicken quesadillas later.

Having eggs back in my life is really nice.

What special dish have you been thinking about making recently?