Accountability Apr 19

The scale finally started going in the right direction, that is, down. So I’m pleased with that. I’m also pleased I was able to do that given the week that I had.

My step count was really low. I averaged a little over 4000 steps per day. I figure that was about as good as I could do.

Word count was good, over 10K words. I was writing 2000 words per day on the new novel. It was easy to write and I felt good. Then I got hit with side effects of the vaccine, and I went down to 200 words per day. I kept the streak alive but it wasn’t easy.

I didn’t do email yesterday. For that, I’d say I was just lazy. But I actually caught up, went through some of my older emails and cleaned up a lot. Didn’t get through an entire inbox, but I feel good about the work that I did.

One of the reasons why my step count was so low this week was because I went to see my masseuse on Wednesday, and she really dug into the back of my knee. Let’s just say “ow” and leave it at that. I wasn’t able to walk much on Wednesday or Thursday.

However, when I woke up on Friday I realized that not just my knee, but my entire leg felt better. A *lot* better. As in much more able to walk. I still have some pain. I’m being really careful. But my knee and my leg are finally getting better.

When we finished on Wednesday, my masseuse told me that I should be mostly better by the end of two more sessions.

I didn’t believe her. Last time, when my physical therapist told me that, she was completely wrong.

Given how good my knee feels at this moment, I’m starting to think that my masseuse is right. That maybe, possibly, in a couple of weeks, I can start thinking about rehabilitating my knee. My PT had told me that by the middle to the end of March, I should be mostly well. Now I’m thinking that by the end of April, I should be really good.

I will be careful this week, wear my brace, etc. However, I will also start getting in a few more steps, because my knee always feels better when I move it more. May go back to the pedal machine.

I got my first vaccine on Friday, around 2 PM. I wasn’t having a good health day to start – rather a Meh day, to be honest. One of the characteristics of a meh day is that I feel lousy when I wake up, and start to feel better and better as the day progresses.

Right about the time the meh was wearing off, the vaccine started kicking in. I went from meh to actively sick. I ran a fever (for me) and sweat through the blankets twice that night. Finally, around 10 AM I think the fever broke and I started feeling better. By around 3 PM, I felt well again.

I also had no stamina. I could stand, walk around, maybe do dishes, etc. for about 10 minutes. Then I had to go sit down again. On Sunday, it was better. In the morning, it was 30 minutes. By afternoon, I was able to be up for about an hour.

However, it’s impossible to tell if I’m well today or not. I didn’t sleep last night and that’s influencing everything. I figure if I can sleep tonight, I’ll wake up completely recovered by Tuesday.

Today, though I have things to do, I think I’m going to take another day kind of “off.” I got about 5 hours of sleep. I have no brain. I should not be allowed near open flame or sharp objects today.

Though I work from home, and I set my own schedule, it always feels special to have a Monday off, you know? What about you? Do you deliberately take Mondays off when you can?

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