Accountability Apr 12

I gained weight last week, which surprised me. I ate less, and there was more than one morning when I woke up hungry. *le sigh* Just going to keep watching it as I still can’t walk like how I’d like to be able to.

As for walking, I managed to average 5.5K last week, which is more than the previous week. Still not enough…There’s a huge difference in terms of how my knee feels between 4000 steps and 6000 steps. Getting 4000, my knee feels “creaky” in the morning. I haven’t moved it enough. Doing 6000, my knee feels better but the muscles hurt. Hopefully this week my masseuse will break up the knot at the back of my knee again, and I’ll be able to improve more.

Which will honestly hurt like hell, but we might be there again.

I wrote a little over 11K words last week. As my goal is generally 12K, I’m quite pleased with that. This morning I start a new novel, which is why I’m doing a blog post first, to prime the pump as it were.

I did email every day. Even got through a little of the backlog. Hoping to do more of that this week.

Friday, I get my first vaccine. Not that I’m counting down the days or hours or something silly like that. (^_^) I’m just so happy and relieved and OMG looking forward to it. Even if I have a bad reaction to it. I don’t care. It will still be a relief.

A quick note on my sleep. I’ve started taking testosterone, and one of the instructions is that you need to vary application sites.

The magnesium cream had stopped working as well. I had started getting just average sleep again. It occurred to me that perhaps I needed to apply it somewhere else, that the site I was using (my legs and knees) were over saturated.

So I spread some on my upper arms and guess what? 2+ hours of deep sleep again.

I scrub off the magnesium every morning, but there appears to be only so much that my skin in a single location can absorb.

I think that’s it for this morning. My mind keeps going back to the novel, which is a good sign. Before I started these books, I did a “novel proposal” kind of outline for each book, about 500 words for each. I read through the one I’d written and in so many ways, it just will not work. I’m going to have to come up with a different proposal this morning, or just start writing. Or a little of each.

What are you looking forward to this week? Me – Friday and vaccine #1!!!

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