I follow a ketosis diet. In short, that means limiting my carbs, eating lots of protein, and eating enough fat to be satiated.

In addition, I have a sensitivity to nightshades. Too many potatoes makes me break out in cold sores.

So I needed to find a crunchy alternative. For me, chicharrones, also known as pork rinds, was a lovely solution.

I’ve been eating store bought chicharrones. However, when I was at an Asian grocery shop recently, I found pork skin, and so I decided to make my own!

Lots of pictures, etc. under the cut.

The first thing you’re supposed to do cut apart the skin, and with this recipe, into 1″ pieces.

Something that NONE of the stupid recipes mention is that the skin is really difficult to cut through. My knives didn’t like cutting through it at all.

So I ended up using a fabric rotary cutter on the pig skin.

Pork Skin and rotary cutter

Here’s a closeup of the pork skin, showing both the smooth outer coat and the inner side that has a pattern on it, probably from whatever machine they used to remove the fat.

Pork Skin Close up

You’re supposed to salt the pork skin before you

Shake and bake!

Here are the pork skins arranged on a cookie sheet in the oven. I dried them out for a couple of hours.

Pork Skins in the oven

After two hours, the skins had shrunk a lot.

Dried out pork skins

After you dry out the skin, this recipe has you increase the temperature of the oven and use that to “pop” the pork rinds. It worked really well.

Finished pork skins

OMG these were SO GOOD. Even though they took a lot of time, I’d make them again.