According to the scale, I lost weight last week. Three pounds. I’m a little surprised, because while most days I was under my calorie count, there were a couple of days when I wasn’t. And I also didn’t walk that much last week. But I’m happy with that. Hoping to continue the progress I’ve made this week.

I only wrote about 7000 words last week, about half of what I would want. I am hoping that since I’m feeling better this week, that I’ll be able to get my word count back up.

As I’d mentioned, I hadn’t walked that much last week. Averaged only 5K per day. The cyst at the back of my knee was VERY swollen for most of the week, and I couldn’t walk on it. Again, hoping to do better this week.

I did email every day this past week, so I’ve stayed on top of things. I have even started cleaning up one of the inboxes. It isn’t empty, but it’s much better. So making progress there.

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, I’m sleeping better. In addition to making an effort to get more sleep by going to bed earlier, I’m getting better sleep. I figure that’s in part because of the magnesium cream that I’m using at night. It’s an odd sensation, to feel as though I’m actually getting adequate sleep. I’m waking up in the morning and not being tired. It’s seriously strange. I’m not used to it. Hopefully, it will continue and I can get used to it.

The other good news is that for the first time in months I feel as though my knee is actually getting better. I figure the sleep helps, and that getting adequate sleep is speeding along the healing process. In addition, perhaps (maybe?) the magnesium cream is starting to do its job and the muscles around my knee might be relaxing slightly. It’s not a huge improvement. I just noticed this morning that it was a hell of a lot easier to walk when I first got out of bed than it has been.

I don’t know for certain what’s happening with my knee, if this is a temporary thing or not. I do know that today I’m not going to be pushing it. I will ride the little pedal machine today, but not for an hour. Possibly for two fifteen minute slots. I really need to treat my knee as though it’s injured and not as a mere inconvenience that I can push through.

I did some cooking this weekend. At some point when I go into town and have better internet, I’ll post some pictures. I made chicharrones and some coconut bread. These were both fairly successful ventures. The bread is not low carb. It isn’t super high carb, but I’ll have to budget for it in my daily meal planning.

I’ve fallen back into the habit of planning out what I eat for the day first thing. It makes it a lot easier to navigate the day, to know exactly what I’m eating. I always plan for chocolate. I have a pretty set breakfast and lunch. Since I know what we’re cooking for dinner tonight, that helps as well, all the way through the day.

And now – it’s time to get back to the fiction writing! What are you looking forward to this week?