I still weigh too much for my tastes. I’m not horribly overweight but I’m carrying more weight than I should. I’m finding it difficult to do much about it. The general rule is fewer calories in than out. But I can’t really burn more given the state of my knee. So I’m keeping an eye on it and trying to do better. Hopefully my knee will feel good enough this week that I can consistently get back on the pedal machine.

Wrote about 10K this week. Which is less than the 12K I was aiming for. Not going to be anywhere near the goal I had set for the month. *sigh* I keep thinking I’ll do better and I’m just not. Or maybe this morning isn’t a positive time and I’ll feel better later.

I feel like for email all I did was tread water. I haven’t made forward progress in a while. I put email back on the big board this morning, hoping that will prompt me to move forward on it again.

As for steps, I averaged about 5.5K per day. I’d really like to get back to 7-8K, to say nothing of 10K.

My physical therapist had predicted that I’d be mostly healed by the end of March. Here it is, and I’m not. I think that’s what’s bothering me most this morning. That broken hope, that almost promise.

I’m better, absolutely. But I’m still pretty far from healed. I can’t bend my knee all the way, can’t squat down to pet the kitty or anything else. That knee is noticeably weaker than the other. And I guess I’m just slightly depressed about all of this. I still need to heal before I can even start thinking about rehabilitating that knee.

In my defense – last weekend my kitty had a cold. I felt so sorry for her. She stayed in my lap almost all weekend, and slept a lot (for a cat). I could see her nose dripping. Plus, she sneezed a lot.

This last Friday I woke up completely congested and lethargic. I blame the cat. It’s part of why I didn’t get in as many steps or as many words, because I was down with a cold for two days.

I’m figuring this week will be better. *Fingers crossed* I should be finishing off a major project for a client, which is exciting. In addition, I should be making a decision this week about the product I’m replacing Quickbooks with (there will be MUCH more on that later). I’ll also be making a decision about Hungarian (finally).

While I can see that I’m making progress, for the most part, I feel as though I’m treading water due to my knee and my health. If I could get more steps in, I know I’d feel better. I’ve always said that when my body is moving, the words are flowing. Right now, I can’t move or walk or do anything as much as I’d like to, which makes everything else feel as though it’s stagnate, stuck, or blocked.

So tell me some good news this Monday morning. What fabulousness is happening in your life right now?