Accountability Mar 15

I didn’t gain or lose weight last week. I’m exactly the same. I will take that as a win, actually, as I didn’t walk a lot. I also had my period this weekend, so there’s a chance that I actually did lose weight, but I won’t figure that out until after my period is over.

As I mentioned, I didn’t walk a lot this week. Average of 5.5K per day. I’m hoping this week will be a lot better, see more below.

I wrote about 9000 words last week. I would have done better, if not for either Life happening, and having my period. I did write every day, which is really the most important thing. I wouldn’t have written anything this weekend if it weren’t for the writing streak that I’m on. So while I’m not thrilled with my final word count for the week, I am happy that I’m still writing every day.

I didn’t do email every day. I seriously thought I had until I double checked. Part of that was just how awful I felt on Saturday. I didn’t do much of anything. I did manage a few things in the afternoon, after I was properly caffeinated, but that was about it. And I read. I figure consuming story is a good way to spend my time when I’m essentially brainless.

I got to see my masseuse last week. A word about her. She does not do what I would call relaxing massage. Instead, she works closely with my physical therapist and does injury massage.

While I was seeing my PT, my masseuse worked on all the other parts of my body, to make sure that how I was compensating for my injury wouldn’t end up causing me more injuries along the way.

Last week, she really addressed my knee. Since Thanksgiving, I’ve had a knot at the back of my knee, top part of my calf, that’s been about the size of a quarter. My PT didn’t want to break it apart, hoping that it would just heal.

It never healed. So on Friday, my masseuse broke apart that knot. It was painful, but it was the right thing to do. As of this point, the knot is now about the size of the top of my pinky finger, and it’s no longer completely rigid.

So I didn’t walk a lot this weekend, as I had to really baby my knee. However, by Saturday afternoon, my knee was significantly better. It finally feels as though it’s healing. It isn’t as sore, and I’m gaining range of motion.

My knee is really stiff this morning. I figure that’s because I didn’t use it at all this weekend. Today, I’ll start using my pedal machine again, just to get it moving again. The swelling has also gone down considerably.

For the next three weeks I’ll see my masseuse on Wednesdays. I made really good progress that first week. My hope is that I’m actually going to be mostly healed by the end of the month. Fingers crossed!

I didn’t sleep well this weekend because I had such a bad period and cramps. Here’s hoping that I’ll sleep better this week, which will help the healing process as well.

Today, though, there will be caffeine. Particularly given the &*()$#&*)!! day light’s savings time. Grrrr.

How are you doing? It’s snowing here. It won’t stick, but honestly, I am not thrilled with this weather. Neither are my birds. Tell me how your Monday is going.

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