While last week I stayed exactly the same weight, this week I managed to drop a couple of the unexpected pounds that had appeared. Still not back to the floating weight, or my goal weight, but downward progress is definitely progress.

I started tracking my food, which helped me realize where I could cut out some calories. A big part of the problem I feel is that I’m eating the same, but I’m not able to walk as much due to my knee. Which means the amount of food that should have sustained me was suddenly too much.

I wrote a little over 9000 words last week, which is good. Not great, but good. I don’t know what my word count will be this week, but I’m hoping it will be better.

I did do email every day last week. However, I’m still slowly cleaning out inboxes. Still haven’t managed to clean one out completely. Working on it every week.

I averaged a little over 6K steps per day last week. This amount was helped tremendously by a new piece of exercise equipment that arrived on Friday.

I got one of those little pedal machines that you put under your desk to move your legs while you’re working. It might end up being one of the best purchases I’ve ever made.

It was inexpensive, and it’s tiny. However, this might be how I manage to get steps in when it’s raining and miserable outside. This is a big win.

I’m following the schedule that my PT set for me, fifteen minutes every couple of hours, with the goal of at least one hour a day, total. I’ll just do that for a week, then start increasing the amount of time per session, until I’m up to doing a contiguous hour every day.

This exercise has helped my knee tremendously. I have more range of motion (finally!) It’s also helped my hip, because those are getting more exercise as well.

It won’t replace walking. I still love to walk. But using the pedal machine hurts a hell of a lot less than walking at this time.

As for writing, today I start a short story. I have two to write this week. I have a tremendous amount of publishing to do as well. There’s always too much to do. I feel as though in some ways I’m catching up for the entire year last year.

Except – the things that didn’t get done were not the highest priority. They still aren’t. They’re “nice to haves” not “must haves.” It’s okay if it takes me a while to get to them.

However, I finally feel as though I can. As though I can pick back up a lot of the work I dropped.

I still haven’t gotten back to regularly writing 3000 words a day. 2000 seems to be my average at current. I’m going to have to be okay with that, at least for a while. Work on recovering one thing at a time from the lost year.

How about you? How has this year been going for you? Do you feel as though you’re on top of things, or already behind?