Gained weight this week. Remember how happy I was that I didn’t gain any weight over the holidays? The last few weeks I’ve gained all of that weight back. I’m not happy about it. I’m going to start really calculating how many calories are going in. Part of the issue I believe are my new coffee substitutes, which have more calories than tea. Particularly since I also add coconut milk to them.

I averaged 8K “steps” per day last week, due to the pedal machine (which still really needs a name. I tend to refer to it using the Hungarian – bicikli, or biciklika. But neither name has ever really stuck.

I wrote every day last week, and came in just shy of 12K, which was my goal. I’m pleased and surprised that I managed that much, quite frankly.

I did email almost every day. But I still have yet to clean out another inbox. Part of the problem was that the day I had put aside for that turned out to be a meh day last week. I know I will do the work when I put aside the time for it. However, when it then turns out to be a meh day, I can’t do the work.

As for planning, though, in general, that’s been working out well. I still am loving my paper planner. I pull it out every day and look at it, figuring out what it is that I can do, need to do.

I’ve started putting tasks on sticky notes in the planner. Then, when I actually do the work, I write it down with a check mark by it. This way, I’m able to keep track of what I need to do, and I can move stuff around easily when I have a bad day.

The new white board is also working out. The most important things tend to be listed on that, so that I see them through out the day. It also means I’ve been getting to everything that’s on that list. It’s a system that’s working for me for now.

I suppose I should give an update on my knee. I think it’s getting better, but that’s difficult to say for certain, particularly on days like today when it’s swollen and stiff and every step hurts. I’ll have a massage today and we’ll do an evaluation at that point whether or not I should go back and have 1-2 more PT sessions or not.

As for Hungarian – I’ve reached out to four different Hungarian teachers to see if one of them is right for me. I have fifteen days or so to find a solution, so I need to get on it!

ION, the snow has all melted up here on the property. It’s lovely. We are facing more extreme weather this next week, and while we might have a little snow, or “wintery mix” as they like to call it, it doesn’t appear that we are going to get dumped on again. (Fingers crossed!)

And I think that’s about it for me for this morning. I didn’t sleep well enough last night and I have so little brain! Today is all about focusing on what I *can* do today, instead of what I can’t do.

What can you do today?