Half Marathon

I’m doing what I’m calling a half-marathon this week.

Instead of a full-on writing marathon, where I do 10K words as well as 10K steps per day, I’m doing half that. 5K words and 5K steps.

I’d originally planned on doing 5K words and 10K steps. However, this morning my knee let me know that was not going to happen. It’s cold and wet here, and that just makes my knee ache sometimes.

I figure 5/5 is good enough for this week. And I have made both numbers today. So yay.

It’s really lovely to take the time to just focus in on the writing for a while. It’s what I want to do. I’d have to give up a lot (A LOT) of other things to maintain this pace.

Hopefully, some year, we’ll be making enough money that I can pay someone to do all the things, so I get to write more.

In the meanwhile, I’m having fun. This is book two of the Ruins series. I wrote the entire first book during the writing marathon last October. I won’t finish book two this week, but I should make enough progress on it this week to get it finished by the end of the month. Mainly because I have other writing projects I need to write stories for that are due Feb 1st. (EEEK)

I’m doing clean up work this week in the evenings. Not anything that requires a lot of brain in the evenings. I purposefully didn’t schedule much for this week, because I didn’t know how I’d be feeling after writing.

My hope is that starting tomorrow, I should be able to get my 5K words in before I take a break for lunch. (Could do that today due to Life and such.)

So that’s kind of my plan for the week. Write, walk, do some other stuff. And try not to keep doom-scrolling, though the quality of the doom-scroll this week has been really good. (As an aside, I used to document security procedures for a software company. The lack of common-sense security on sites such as Parler is offensive, quite frankly.)

How is your week going? Do you have big plans, and are you taking steps to accomplish those plans?

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