This week I was doing a half-marathon. My original goal was 5K words per day, 10K steps per day.

However, Monday morning rolled around and my knee let me know in no uncertain terms that 10K steps was off the table. So I changed my goals to 5K words, 5K steps.

Monday was a slower writing day, as is often the case with any sort of writing marathon. Plus, I had a meeting at 11 AM on Monday that I couldn’t move. I finished with my words around 2:30, and I got my steps in.

After that, I generally got my writing in by 1 PM, so I had the afternoon to do publishing type things. I stayed mostly on track.

Tuesday I had PT. The good news is that my knee is responding well to PT. Starting yesterday, I actually felt as though my knee was finally healing.

The thing I need to remember for next week is that PT really takes it out of me. I can’t plan on doing much of anything after PT. This means getting in steps as well as words well before my appointment. I still managed 5K steps that day, but just barely.

Then came Friday. I woke up tired on Friday, but I didn’t think anything of that – I’d been tired pretty much all week. As part of the half marathon I was getting up an hour earlier than usual, so I wasn’t getting enough sleep.

But I also couldn’t concentrate. It wasn’t until later that I figured out it was actually a meh day.

On meh days, my hormones get screwed up. I was so tired I tried having some caffeine. Because my hormones were screwed up, instead of reviving me, the coffee put me to sleep. I crashed hard for an hour and felt as though I never really woke all the way back up.

So on Friday, instead of 5000 words, I only got in 1500. Which means I ended the marathon with 21.5K words, instead of 25K.

I am not displeased with this. I still accomplished a lot. And honestly, there wasn’t much more I could do on Friday.

Normally, I’ll all about “Sit down, Shut up, and Write.”

There are times, though, when that doesn’t work for me. I cannot stubborn my way into writing more on a meh day. I just don’t have the brain.

My meh days are a *lot* more mild than they used to be. I don’t know if I’m healthier or if my hormones have calmed down. Possible a little of both.

Fingers crossed that at some point, possibly even this year, my hormones steady out and I stop cycling as I have been. We’ll see.

In more exciting news, I met with my general contractor (GC) yesterday. The construction project is moving along. Pretty cool.

Today, I have a kitty who’s pretty much attached to my hip at this point. She had to be over at the main house all week while I was marathoning at the tiny house. She *missed* me, and so has been yelling at me anytime I get up to sit back down again so she can climb into may lap. Make it kind of difficult to type, but I will get in more words today.

And that’s the main thing about having a meh day, as I have to keep reminding myself.

It isn’t so much that I “lost” a day of writing, that I felt like crap yesterday.

What’s important is that I start writing again today.