Accountability Jan 25

Had unexpected weight gain last week. Well beyond my usual up and down weight, almost 4 pounds. I am not sure what caused it. Haven’t changed my diet, and I walked last week. We’ll see. There are two immediate suspects. One, my period should have arrived over a week ago. So there’s a chance that’s coming, though it rarely comes with so much weight gain.

The other, less pleasant suspect is that it’s my thyroid. My regular thyroid medication is no longer available and I had to switch brands. We also decreased my thyroid medication due to the numbers, NOT because I had any hyperthyroid symptoms.

I’m giving it another week. But if I am still heavier than expected, or even gain more weight, I will get a different thyroid prescription.

As for walking – I managed 10K a few days last week. Plus I walked a lot on other days, when I could. So my average for the week was 8K. This is good.

In terms of writing, I didn’t make my goal of 12K. I did do 10K. I’ve been tired, and there were a few events going on in real life last week that were distracting, shall we say. Days when I couldn’t write first thing because of Life stuff. So while I wish I had done more, I think I did okay given the week.

Hopefully this week will be better. I don’t have anything planned that interferes with the writing.

Email: didn’t clean out an inbox this week. *le sigh* need to do that this week. But I did get to my email every day, and I count that as a win.

My systems for keeping track of things continues to work fairly well. I’ve changed my board to just be the important things. It helps me stay on track. Then, when I finish an item, I don’t erase it right away. I leave it on my board with a line through it. This way, I feel much more as if I’ve been given “credit” for whatever I’ve done.

In addition, the tracking daily goals has also been really useful. There are days when I don’t do all the items, and that’s okay. It’s generally a conscious choice, to do X instead of Y. But I also can’t choose to do X all the time.

I’ve also been trying to figure out which evening routine works best for me in terms of sleeping. I’ll probably report on that next week, after experimenting for another week. But I may have found a key to help me sleep deeper. It isn’t a matter of falling asleep, or staying asleep. How deeply I sleep really determines how well I feel the next day.

7 hours but 2 hours of those were deep sleep? I’m fine for the day. 9 hours but only 50 minutes of deep sleep? I’m dragging.

I am aware that the Fitbit watch that I wear isn’t 100% accurate. Then again, I’m just looking for ballpark numbers. However, what the Fitbit reports generally matches how I feel. There are mornings when I feel great though according to it I didn’t get good sleep, and the same the other way. But that’s a rare occurrence, not even weekly. Maybe once every couple of months or so.

So that’s it for me this morning! How are you doing? How has the new year been treating you so far?

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