Weight has stayed about the same, which is a yay. Especially given that I didn’t walk enough this week. I will need to stay on top of my weight for the next few months. My regular thyroid medication is on back order. The last time this happened, and I switched to this other stuff, I couldn’t lose weight for the life of me. Plus, the tiredness came back. It’s been a few years since that happened, so we’ll see what happens this time.

I averaged 5.8K steps per day last week. Not surprising, as last week wasn’t a great week. I would have gotten more, except that I managed to get sick on Sunday.

I’ve gotten sick every weekend so far this year. This is not a good thing. Not sure what to do about it either. It’s been weird stuff too, like the time I had a high fever and chills for a night, while my throat felt as though I was swallowing glass. Grrr.

I wrote every day last week, which was the goal. By the end of the week I did manage 25K, which is also good. I will continue to write every day, and my goal is between 12-15K.

I did not do email yesterday. But other than that, I did at least go through my email every day. I also didn’t clean up one of my inboxes last week as I was supposed to. I will not try to catch up this week, but will just go through one as planned. (Too many other things going on that require my attention.)

I feel as though I’m still recovering today. I have no reserves, and doing too much is going to make me exhausted. So I will spend today in the main house, instead of moving to the tiny house as I usually do on a Monday morning.

I keep expanding my hydroponics system. I keep telling myself, “No, that’s it, no more.” Then I go ahead and add more. I’ve added a heated mat for sprouting. Just started a bunch of seeds. We’ll see how they do.

Then there’s the spinach. On the boards where I’ve been primarily lurking, I see a lot of people saying that they can’t get spinach to germinate. So I went searching out on the internets, as one does.

It appears that most people don’t start spinach in rockwool (the usual starting spot for most hydroponics), or even in paper. Instead, they start spinach in dirt.

Now, spinach seeds have a lousy germination rate. Generally about 50%, 65% if you’re lucky.

I followed instructions that other people gave in terms of how to sprout spinach seeds. I planted a bunch of seeds at the top of a container, then added just a half inch or so of potting soil on top. I kept the pot in the tiny house for five days, out of the light. It’s always much colder in the tiny house than in the main house.

By the end of the five days, I had about half a dozen sproutlings peeking up out of the ground.


Then I moved the pot under the lights.

Uhmmmmm – I think every seed I planted sprouted.


We’re still figuring out how many of those spinach plants we’re going to keep. We’ll keep some in dirt, some in the new deep water container (DWC) that’s arriving on Thursday.

Have you started a new hobby recently? Does it still make you go squeeee? (Mine sure does!!!)