Had a migraine yesterday. It was the first migraine I’ve had in 204 days. I’m quite proud of that streak, actually. It’s a lot longer than I ever imagined I’d go without having a migraine.

What caused the migraine? I was stupid and had caffeine three days in a row, with a couple of extra days thrown in just before that. I evidentially get hooked on caffeine stupidly easy. I started off with a caffeine headache that I couldn’t quite shake and it eventually morphed into a migraine.

Fortunately, I know how to deal with these things. I fasted until noon drinking a lot of water with salt in it. (Finished three big bottles of water before noon. I may have been dehydrated as well.) I walked slowly and mindfully every hour when my Fitbit told me that it was time to move. And I closed my eyes, relaxed and meditated a few times, pushing the pain away.

I ate a light lunch, and will eat a light dinner. Pretty hard-core keto today as well. Still kind of feeling the aftermaths of the migraine, so am taking it easy for the rest of the day.

After I’d eaten lunch, I was standing at the kitchen counter, refilling my water bottle, when my knee suddenly went CRACK.


Except, that it’s turned out to be a mixed blessing. On the one hand, I can now bend my knee! Yay! Whatever had slipped out of place has slipped more or less back into place. It was kind of troublesome not being able to bend my knee without severe pain.

However, before the most recent crack, the back of my knee was in pain, and that was why I couldn’t bend it. Now, the front of my knee is in pain. That is much more worrisome, quite frankly. That’s where ACL issues take place. I can bend my knee without much pain if there’s no weight on it. If there’s weight on it, it’s a sharp pain at the front of my knee.

*le sigh*

The deal that I’ve made with myself that if my knee isn’t significantly better by the first of the year I’ll go see the doctor again. I’m hoping that with a lot more babying, my knee will heal as it always has.

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