As you may or may not know, I play games on my phone. There have been times when I’ve been a little obsessive about playing those games. I try not to be, but I do fall into those habits sometimes.

There are some games that I’ve had for years now that I play because supposedly they’re good for the brain. Such as Sudoku, and a word puzzle game. I also play cribbage on a regular basis, because my family plays cribbage when we get together. Next year will probably be epic.

There are also games that I play for fun. I started off playing all the candy crush games, but I got bored of those. Then I played the Angry Birds games. Got bored of those. Played some merge games for a while. Tired of those too.

Am now playing a “renovation” game with a lot of story in it. (Lily’s Garden.) Basically, you play the little match games, then you get more pieces of the story, and you renovate more of the garden/estate.

I have found that I’m a sucker for a game with a story. Writer brain has been fascinated by how much can be accomplished with just a few lines of dialogue. Plus, it’s been fun breaking all the pieces of the story apart.

I had tried a renovation game before, one of the fix the house games. Grew bored quickly. I now understand that I don’t care about fixing up the interior of a house. But planting trees and flowers and such? Much funner for me.

While I’ve had fun with this game, I hesitate to recommend it. It will rot your brain, I think. Even with the cute dialogue and such.

I am enjoying it for now, though I figure eventually I’ll get bored with it. Then I’ll find myself a new game.

The game that I am going to recommend to you is probably not one that you’ll expect. It’s called Two Dots.

This isn’t a thinking game. It’ll probably rot your brain after a while as well. It’s a connect the dots game, where you form squares to get rid of all the dots of that color on the board. So it’s a pattern game, and a planning game (if I eliminate these dots, and that one, then I can make a square).

The reason I’m recommending this game is because of the “scavenger hunts” that they host, generally around the holidays. Right now they have two, one for Christmas and one for New Year.

Though I kind of hesitate call them that. They’re holiday festive games.

And the reason why I recommend them is because it’s the best example of an inclusive game that I’ve ever seen.

For the scavenger hunt, you have a massive background with lots of “people” out having a good time. The people are basically little dots with faces drawn on them.

This is where it gets interesting.

There are black faces. Red faces. Faces in bowler hats and hijabs. Faces that are in wheelchairs. Blind faces with sunglasses and a little white cane beside them. Old faces. Young faces. Two female faces walking side by side. Male faces doing the same.

It’s understated. Subtle. They aren’t making a big deal of it. All those different people, though, are just there having a good time with everyone else. I love the wheelchair people on the dance floor. They’re just included and it’s no big deal.

I know, it’s a cartoon world. There are issues that need to be overcome in the real world. However, I want to support a game that goes to such efforts to be inclusive. Shouldn’t that be the norm?

What sort of game has surprised you recently?