Recommendation Post: For People With Migraines

As I mentioned in the last recommendation blog (for women who sometimes pee when they laugh) I am planning on doing a few of these.

This one is aimed at people who get migraines.

For those of you just joining us, I started getting migraines when I was 18. I regularly had 2-4 migraines per month. In 2015, I suddenly started getting a lot of migraines – between 12-15 per month. I was losing half my life to migraines.

In order to try to deal with my migraines, I went Keto, and started following the Wahl’s Paleo protocol.

Going keto reduced the severity of my migraines. Pain dropped down to a 2-3 on the scale. However, I was still having just as many migraines, and that wasn’t good. The pain was only part of the problem. I have a lot of difficulty focusing when I have a migraine. Just getting rid of the pain didn’t mean I could suddenly be productive again.

That’s when, as luck would have it, I listened to a talk give by Dr. Turknett, also known as Dr. T.

Dr. T is a neurologist. He has a medical practice, and treats patients who have migraines. He also suffers from migraines.

At that point, he’d only written one book, “The Migraine Miracle.” Basically, by going paleo, he’d stopped his migraines.

Great. I’d been paleo for six years. That hadn’t helped me. Was now trying keto.

What did help was by reading the page on his website about rebound migraines. Basically, I was having rebound migraines, not regular migraines. I matched 8 of 8 criteria.

The cure? Get off the meds. They were what was causing my migraines.

Of course, I went cold-turkey. Because that’s who I am. Nearly ended up in the hospital when the pain got bad. Went back on the meds, then stepped down slowly over the course of a month.

Once I quit taking all the meds, I went back to 2 migraines a month. After a six months of that, while still keto, I stopped having regular migraines.

Since then, I get 2-3 migraines per year. My last streak of migraine-free days was 204.

I am not necessarily recommending that you go full-bore keto, or quit all your meds. Your case might not be as severe as mine.

What I am recommending is that you sign up for Dr. T’s “Migrai-Neverland” program.

End migraines once and for all.

The first thirty days are free. There is an *immense* amount of information on that site. You will have access to his chats, to all the forums, etc. Take thirty days and educate yourself.

This group knows more about migraines than any other people you’ve met. Trust me, they’ve already been there, done that, had the hospital stay.

My hope is that by the end of those thirty days, you’ve found some tip or trick or possibly even cure for your migraines.

If you have severe migraines, the type that land you in the hospital on a regular basis, you might stay in the group after the thirty days. See if you can “slay the migraine beast” as it were.

Dr. T now has a second book out, called “Keto for Migraines.” He, too, found that paleo wasn’t enough, that in order to really deal with the migraines he needed to get into ketosis and stay there. 99% of what he recommended in that book I was already doing. There was just one additional tactic that I added that’s really helped.

The tip that worked for me – Stop eating four hours before you go to bed. Most migraines occur in the morning. Fasting is one of the best cures of any migraine if you’re not taking meds. Having an empty stomach in the morning means you’re already on your way to ending the migraine. I had been having headaches in the morning, not migraines. By stopping eating four hours before I went to sleep, I stopped having headaches in the morning.

Yes, I recognize that Dr. T will try to sell you stuff. I honestly believe that he’s just clueless, not slimy. Give him a chance. Try the Migrai-Neverneverland for thirty days. See if you can get some relief.

I am now mostly migraine free, thanks in part to Dr. T. You might try it as well.

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