Other 2021 Goals

As promised, the cleverly titled post about the other goals I’m setting for 2021.

For the most part, these aren’t new goals. This is more about recommitting to them.


I continue to try to walk 10K steps per day. I had been doing less, trying to average merely 7K per day. When I did the writing marathon in October, it because really obvious to me that my body much prefers 10K.

I am NOT trying to achieve some sort of 10K per day streak. That’s not possible. Between my health and my knee, there are going to be times when I’m not walking 10K.

Plus, construction. When I’m working hard on that, I don’t have to walk 10K.

Let me give you an example. This past summer, we redid part of the roof on the barn. Now, on average, I burn between 1600-1700 calories per day.

One of the days we were working on the barn, I burned 2100 calories. Only 8K steps. But most of those steps were going up and down a ladder carrying roofing shingles.

I didn’t need 10K steps that day. I’d done enough. I anticipate the same thing happening frequently this summer.


I’m not going to start a “diet” as it were. No, this is more about maintaining what I’m currently doing.

I follow the Wahl’s Paleo Protocol diet. This means that I’m trying to eat 6 cups of veggies every day. I’ve learned that if I miss two days of veggies in a row, I’m practically guaranteed a meh day the next day. So I need to keep eating my veggies. I also need to stay in ketosis. I always feel better when I do.

Maintaining keto for life is difficult sometimes. There are times (like now, around the holidays) when I’m not always going to be in ketosis.

However, this is a temporary thing. I’ll get back into it once the holidays are over. Missing a few days isn’t the best thing in the world for me, but it isn’t the worst, either.

Plus, we’re purposefully not cooking or making as much food this year for the holidays. That, too, will help not just with getting back into ketosis faster, but also so that I don’t gain weight.

I’m hoping that between the walking and the conscious choices that I might not gain 5 pounds over the holiday season, as I have almost every holiday season since I started paying attention to my weight. So far I’ve been successful. Here’s hoping I remain so.


This is the one place where I regularly fall down. A LOT.

I was actually pretty good about answering and going through my email for the first six months of the year. Then everything fell apart.

One of the reasons why things fell apart was that my phone stopped working well with my email.

I had gotten into the habit of triaging my email on my phone in the morning. Then, in the afternoon when I was on my computer, there was a lot less of it to go through.

However, for a while, whenever I deleted something on my phone, it would still be there in my inbox, just marked as already read.

This broke my system.

Email on my phone appears to be working again. I’ve been testing it for the last few days and everything I delete on my phone is still deleted once I reach my computer.

So I need to do two things.

A) go through all the email that’s been piling up for months and actually replying or doing the thing or what have you.

B) stay on top of email again.

I used to have a weekly reminder to clean out my email boxes. That never really worked.

I’m hoping that on the new planner, I can come up with a regular reminder that will work for me. Maybe I need to go back to the star system for email. (^_^)

I do have to accept that email will take at least an hour per day. I need to at the very least triage my email every single day. That doesn’t take an hour. But it does take brain, something which I don’t always have every day. (Like today.)

So those are my other goals. What are your other goals like?

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