Gained a little weight last week. Totally unsurprising, as I didn’t walk as much. Plus, it was my birthday and I did celebrate some. However, I’m still close to my goal weight. As long as it doesn’t go up any more I’m fine. Possibly will bring it down this week, we’ll see. If I can stay here through the end of the year I’ll be happy.

I averaged 7K steps per day last week, which is actually better than I thought it would be. I tried to baby my knee all week. Wore my brace pretty much anytime I went for a walk. Stuck to shorter walks.

My knee is much recovered. As I think I mentioned, on Thursday it went *crack* and everything slid back into place. By Friday, I had definition in my knee again! You could see that there were different parts to it, and not just one massive swollen thing.

I cannot tell you how nice it is to be able to walk up and down the stairs of the tiny house and not be in pain.

I will continue to take care of my knee, icing it, etc. I’m also trying to pay attention to my habits, to figure out why the hell I keep injuring that knee. I’ve changed one habit already, and will see if there are others that I need to tweak. Fingers crossed I’ll stay injury free for a while!

I wrote 12K words last week. My goal is currently 2000 per day, which I can manage. I used to have a goal of 3K per day. That isn’t happening right now most days. There are days when I make that, which is lovely. The rest of the time, 2K is it.

My hope is that by February next year I’m going to get back 3K per day. We’ll see. There’s still Life happening and other distractions. Though next year I will have a significantly lowered word count expectation, but that’s for other reasons that I’ll talk about later.

I’ve caught up from last month. I was about 7K shy of my goal at the end of November. According to my calculations, I only need to write 1600 words per day, every day for the rest of the month, to make my 50K.

So right now I’m kind of ahead, particularly since I’m sticking to 2K per day.

However, I know that I’ll be sick at some point. My period was supposed to arrive last Friday and still hasn’t show up. There will be meh days.

In the meanwhile, I’m writing as much as I can every day. Expect there to be more blogs from me, as these are consumable words and therefore they count in terms of my word count.

We found half of a leg of lamb in the sale bin at the grocery store yesterday. Bought it and cooked it last night. It is such a taste from my childhood. Leg of lamb was one of my dad’s favorite dishes. He always got that for his birthday, and Mom would make it several times a year. Had it with a mimosa, just because I could. Tonight, I’m making Korean spicy beef, brand new recipe. We bought 25 pounds of ground beef from our wonderful ranch that we buy most of our meat from. I’m trying to cook a pound of it every other week.

What is one of your fondest foods from childhood? What dish brings back all kinds of memories for you?