So I moved beyond the two pounds I’d been floating between for some time now, and gained a little weight this last week. Not surprising, given how much I ate as well as how little I walked. I’m not too worried about it, as long as I go back down in a couple of weeks.

Having these irregular posts has helped me stay on track in terms of my weight, so expect more accountability posts next year as well. Won’t always be weekly, but will be fairly often.

I averaged 8K steps per day last week, which is honestly surprising to me. I had figured there would be a lot fewer steps.

Both Blaze and I really took Christmas Day *off*. We wrote, of course. While we both got dressed in jeans early in the day, before noon we’d both changed back into comfy pants, lounging jamnmies. Neither of us ventured outside for the day. I turned off the tyrant alarm on my Fitbit and so ended up walking just about 2000 steps. For the entire day.

We both needed that, though, needed that break.

Took another break yesterday, mainly because I didn’t sleep that night. I always figure it’s a pretty bad sign when I get up, do some things, then fall back asleep on the couch. So I didn’t walk much yesterday either, and that’s okay. Will get steps in today.

As for the writing, I got about 5000 words for the week. I also wrote every day. As I had a couple of bad health days last week, the writing every day became very important. Normally, on such bad days, I wouldn’t have necessarily written. With the “write every day” goal, I wrote anyway. And it was good.

I will be starting the novel this week, I figure. Hopefully I’ll finish adding chapter to novel #1 today. We’ll see. We got a really late start this morning.

I’m going to pick up my planner from the post office today! I’m really looking forward to developing a new system for next year. As it’s nice out, I’m going to the library parking lot for a couple of hours this afternoon to do some “heavy lifting” as it were, publishing some stuff.

One of my recent experiments was making pickled herring. It’s a childhood taste for me, something I grew up with. ( It’s a paleo version, made with an apple instead of sugar. It isn’t as sweet as what I grew up with, but it’s still pretty tasty. I will make this recipe again.

I’ve already listed my goals for the year. I don’t tend to make resolutions. When I need to make a change, I do. For example, after the latest writing marathon, I started getting up with an alarm so I’d have more time to write in the mornings. It’s been successful for the most part. Ditto with the writing every day.

What kinds of changes have you made recently? Or are planning on making for the new year?

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