Accountability Dec 14

I seem to be wafting up and down between the same pound to two pounds. So while officially I lost weight this week, it’s still in that same one to two pound range. From now on, I’m just going to say “stayed the same weight” unless I leave that range.

Only managed about 5K average per day last week. I’m surprised I even got that many steps, quite frankly. Came down with something on Wednesday and spent all day Thursday on the couch. Slept for 9+ hours, and had two hour long naps. Got better, was recovering. Then Saturday got food poisoning. Ugh. Sunday I was still recovering. Slept pretty well, got up, did a couple things, then laid down and slept for another hour. (Sleep and I are never good friends. For me to nap or sleep during the day means I’m pretty sick.)

Writing suffered as well. I wrote every day last week except for yesterday. I need to keep in that habit of writing every day. I was planning on writing yesterday, then I fell asleep and forgot.

If I can get a couple of good days this week of writing, I’ll be back on pace. Right now, I’m pretty behind. We’ll see if I can manage it, as today is something of a meh day.

I got a new brace for my knee. Pretty heavy duty. It keeps my knee from twisting, which means I won’t re-injure myself. My knee is much better. Most of the swelling has gone down. It’s just one point on the back of my knee that hurts. The problem is that it hurts a lot. While I can bend my knee past 45 degrees, doing so begins to hurt, particularly if I’m standing and have weight on the joint.

I keep telling myself to be patient. It hasn’t quite been a month yet. I’m going to wait and see how I feel after the first of the year. If that one spot at the back of my knee hasn’t healed by that point, I’ll go see a doctor. Until then, I need to keep walking and exercising.

I’m not quite sure what to do with the writing this week. I made the mistake of opening up the Ruins novel, which is the first novel of an epic dark fantasy.

While I have other short stories that I need to write, writer brain immediately dove into the novel and said, “Oh! Write this! Get back into this!”

I could absolutely do that. However, it will be nearly impossible to get in my word count if I’m going through that novel.

May just do it anyway, and stop worrying about word count for the year. I’m at 562K. I need 38K to reach 600K for the year. I don’t know if I should push or just drop it. Today isn’t a good day to try to make such a decision as I’m not well today.

*le sigh*

Anyway, back to the writing. How are you doing with your goals? Are you pushing through? Or giving up?

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