I have a few products that I’ve been thinking about recommending for people. So I decided to do a mini-series of a few posts, maybe a recommendation a week for a few weeks.

This first one is for women. Men – you can read further if you’re interested, but as far as I know, you don’t have this issue.

Here’s a serious question: Do you pee when you laugh? Or cough hard? Or sneeze?

I know more than one woman with this issue. It might not be a lot, just a small spurt. It might be kind of embarrassing. It might be a huge issue, bad enough that you wear pantie liners or something when you’re in a situation when you know this might occur.

I’ve had this issue. Not so much when I laugh but when I cough. Or sneeze. It was pretty bad at the start of fall, when we had rain and the mold started. I was wearing pantie liners a lot as a result.

Then my old physical therapist, Dr. Amy, in her newsletter, asked if I had this issue, and told me that if I did, she had an exercise that would get rid of it.

Exercises that were *not* kegels.


I’ve known Dr. Amy for years. She’s a really good physical therapist, out in Maple Valley, WA. She’s an interesting and competent woman.

So I went to her website and watched the video, then finally downloaded the PDF.

The exercises (there are only two) are really easy to do.

I started doing them at the wrong time – just after I’d tweaked my hip pretty badly. They put strain on the same area. So I started off just doing ten of each for a few days until my hip was better. Then I still did ten of each, followed by a second set of ten of each.

Three weeks after I’d started doing the exercises, I had a really bad sneezing fit. When I finished sneezing, I was already automatically on my way to the bathroom.

However, nothing had happened. I hadn’t peed or spurted at all during that fit.

Huh. That was not usually the case.

I’ve been doing the exercises every day now for a few months. I no longer have to worry about accidentally peeing my pants when I sneeze or cough. I can feel the difference that the exercises have made to my core.

So…If you have this issue, I strongly recommend that you at least try Dr. Amy’s exercises.

Also – if you’re in WA state, you should know that Dr. Amy has been doing the teledoc thing for a while. She can watch you walk or move, and can recommend exercises for you to deal with your issues. If you’re outside of WA stat, she really can’t treat you. However, she might be able to recommend someone in your area.

Go and try her exercises. Or any of her other guides, if this isn’t your particular issue.


Now, I’m opening this thread up. Does anyone have a recommendation for other women? I’d like to keep these threads specific to the topic at hand.