Allulose a no-no

I’ve been experimenting with Allulose, which is a new low-carb sweetener. It isn’t a sugar alcohol, like erythritol, which I have lots of issues with. (And monk fruit sweetener just tastes nasty. Worse than Stevia.)

I’ve primarily been adding the Allulose to my occasional hot chocolate. Every once in a while I wondered if it had given me a headache, but always concluded that something else had caused the headache, not the Allulose.

I should have paid more attention.

I put Allulose in the cranberry-orange relish I made on Tuesday night. I kept having to taste the relish, as the orange was overpowering the cranberry. But I didn’t have a headache that night.

Wednesday afternoon I got a pretty bad headache. I figured it was stress, from doing to see a friend and be outside with other people. (Seriously. It was stressful, and just so weird.)

Wednesday night I made an absolutely delicious pumpkin pie. I used Allulose in it.

Thursday, Thanksgiving, I ate all the things that contained Allulose.

And got really sick.

Headache pain was as bad as any migraine.

Wave upon wave of nausea struck as well.

Went to bed around 7:30 and was in bed for 12 hours.

This morning, still have a partial headache and feel as if I’ve been run over by a bus. I’d planned on doing a lot of writing today. I’m just now starting to get some level of brain back. Hopefully in a while I will be able to write.

I know that Allulose supposedly has no side effects. I am aware that if there are side effects to be had, I tend to get the strangest of them. However, I am never touching Allulose again.

I’ve decided I’m just going to bake myself a second pumpkin pie and take the sugar/carb hit. It was so delightful to have the pumpkin pie and it tasted sooooo good. I even had some of the So Delicious coconut whipped cream to go on it.

I hope that your holidays have gone well. Taking it easy today. Will put up the tree tomorrow.

Tell me what is one of your favorite holiday dishes?

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