Accountability Nov 9

I’ve gained a little more weight, which isn’t surprising. I’ve already started cutting back in the amount I’m eating, and I should be able to walk more as well this week. So while I’m paying attention, I’m not taking drastic measures. Not yet.

I averaged 7K steps last week, which I think is awesome, given how bad my knee was at the start of the week. I actually managed 10K steps yesterday. Today, my knee is a little sore. Am standing here writing this with my knee brace on. I won’t need it as much for walking, but when I’m standing and writing I should probably try to wear it for the next couple of days.

And speaking of writing, I did 12K last week, which keeps me on a “nano” pace. My goal for both this month and next month is 50K. Hopefully I’ll be able to make it.

It always takes me some time to get back to the writing on Monday mornings. It’s part of why I do this blog on Mondays. I move from the main house to the tiny house on Monday mornings.

First thing I do is kidnap the kitty. Pounce on her and carry her over to the tiny house. Some mornings she purrs from the moment I pick her up. Other mornings, like this morning, she knew that we were going over to the tiny house, and while she loves the tiny house, she wasn’t sure about being moved, and so walked away and hid.

As soon as I started putting on my shoes to leave, she came out and let me pick her up.

So I fed the cat in the tiny house. Then, as usual, I make several trips between the houses carrying stuff over from the weekend, like my backpack stuffed with the computers and other things, food from the fridge, shoes and jacket, etc.

This morning, I had to feed the birds. It got cold last night, below freezing. Two of the feeders were empty. The hummingbird feeder had frozen. I refilled it, figuring that I would pay attention to it today. If I had a lot of birds coming by, I’d keep refilling it. If I didn’t, I might take it in for a while.

While I was trying to put the hummingbird feeder back in its holder, I was getting buzzed by angry little T-rexes. It’s been busy non-stop. Will continue to melt it in the mornings and refill, though it isn’t supposed to get as cold for the rest of the week.

I have bacon-liver pate every morning for breakfast (yum) as well as some bone broth. I’d just started writing this blog while eating when the kitty let me know that she needed attention. NOW.

I had to go sit in the big green chair with her on my lap. That generally isn’t good enough. I also need to be petting her, frequently with both hands.

She finally let me go, so I could finish this, and now go write fiction.

What does your Monday morning routine look like?

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